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Introducing the Inada 3S Flex Massage Chair

Transcript of the video for the Inada 3S Flex massage chair……

Hello and welcome to another edition of the RLF Wellness channel. I’m Dr Daniel Irvine, local chiropractor here in the Mortdale/Peakhurst area and also in Parramatta.

In this edition I’ve been very lucky to be working in this beautiful showroom here with all these massage chairs and I thought,after talking about posture,stretching and massage in the last few videos, it would be crazy for me not to use one of these chairs and show you what this thing can do. I’m sitting here in the Inada 3S Flex chair which is a pretty amazing piece of machinery. It’s very relaxing so please excuse me if I fall asleep halfway through this talk. But the benefits of this chair are very far reaching because it’s a massage chair but it’s also designed by a leading Japanese Stretch Master and what that means is it’s designed specifically to help with people’s posture and stretching and it opens up the diaphragm and thoracic spine amazingly!

Without further ado, I’m going to give myself a massage and what I’m going to do is just talk you through some of the features or the Inada 3S Flex as we go. Right now obviously the chair is reclining me and we’ve got our arms locked in, got our feet locked in here, calves are secure and we’ve got some shoulder pads here which you’ll see in action soon. Headrest is nicely relaxed here. Right now I’ve got some kneading going on in my lower back region and my legs are being stretched out, feels amazing! Got some nice knuckle like feeling into my glutes or buttock region.

Now basically the chair is scanning my body to assess me, ready before a good massage and stretch.This sort of chair is just perfect for anyone who has postural issues, people who work at desks, people who use phones. Gosh there’s only a couple of us nowadays.People who spend too much time sitting. Really any of us will benefit from this sort of chair. Got some really nice pressure on my hips at the moment, coming in from the side, from the lateral side,for anyone with hip pain, rolling like mechanisms kneading my lower back at the moment are amazing.The chair’s sitting me up now, ready to give me a nice stretch. The Inada 3S Flex has got these inbuilt airbags and I can feel them inflating and deflating around my body at the moment. Still just sussing out what I need and now that I’m pushed back into this reclined position my shoulders are being stretched open by these airbags, got some pressure through my thoracic spine or the middle part of my back and around the shoulder blades and I’m really being stretched into extension, feels amazing. Anyone that like I said earlier that feels tight or stiff to that area, having this done everyday would be a real luxury.

This takes rolling to the next level. Chest muscles are being stretched. All the while my legs are still getting a kneading massage and relaxed now. By the way, all this is being done with a set of rollers going up and down my middle back and the middle part of my back and buttock region. Stretching as well as massaging the whole time.You can adjust the intensity of this chair as well which is great. You can increase it for guys like myself, who like firm pressure when I’m being massaged. I don’t like to be tickled. For others, maybe you’re elderly, maybe you’ve got injuries, maybe just don’t like having heavy pressure. I think this chair setting goes for about 10 minutes or so and it would give you the equivalent of about an hour massage which, you know, here in Sydney, costs me about a hundred bucks for an hour massage and I’m getting all that done in about 10 minutes in the comfort of my home.

So the thing I’ve never seen in a massage chair is this flex position, good traction as well. We’ll see that in a moment when the chair brings me up to flex me, it did just then. It was a bit quick for me. Legs being stretched out there now.If you get tight calves and feet from standing all day, this feels great for that also. I talk to my clients about stretching the hip flexar region. What I’ve got going on right now is a stretch of both hip flexars because it’s actually extending my spine, so it’s going to take that muscle through its range of motions. See those airbags inflate and deflate. As they do that they pin you down, gently or intensely, however much you like. Then they open you up and stretch And that stretch there to the lower part of my neck and upper back.Come up here to this flex position where my hips are going to be flexed forward but at the same time my shoulders are being opened up and stretched. Probably looks quite awkward but it feels great.

The airbags pinning me down and pressure through my thoracic spine opening me up. Anyone sitting at a desk all day, you’ve got to have this done, you’ve got to try it out. At the same time as being in this flex position you’ve got these rolling mechanisms in my lower back, my lumbar spine region. On either side giving me like a traction like effect but also massaging the muscles. It is quite intense in a good way. You can see that opening up effect of my chest and in my thoracic spine there. I mentioned earlier that it had this good opening up effect on the diaphragm. The diaphragm is this muscle that we don’t think about but it’s one of the most important muscles in our body because it’s job is to help us breathe. If you can’t breathe effectively our diaphragm is in spasm all the time or it’s able to achieve it’s role effectively, usually then we end up with shortness of breath, end up with pain into your lower back, to your neck and often headaches can be related to that area as well.

Right now the chairs got my upper neck, or tipida region, the lower part of my skull. Little traction effect. It would be amazing for people with pain in that upper neck, lower head region, those headaches that sit at the back of your skull. Probably be out of a job soon with this chair. Well that’s different. Now we’ve got these rollers going up and down my lower spine, kneading side to side. It feels great. Feels like this technique called sacoral balancing. Exactly what it feels like. Allowing that sacrum or lower part of your spine just to float for a moment and unload that area.

Going to sit me back up now. I’ve got to tell you, I feel like I’ve had an hour massage, from the strongest Russain lady that I see. But this Inada 3S Flex chair is amazing. One hour work in about 10 minutes there. I’m feeling open and stretched. And anyone who’s in a desk chair, computer work or whatever, you’ve got to give something like this a try.It really is something that’s opened my eyes up to what’s possible for massage chairs and I hope you have a great day.

I’ll see you in the next edition.

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