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Shop Melbourne’s best massage chairs online and in-store from leading brands including DCore, Fujiiryoki, OHCO, Positive Posture, and Synca Wellness.

Our complete range of Japanese-made massage chairs is manufactured to the highest quality standards using the most advanced, scientifically proven massage chair technology. Visit our massage chair showroom near you in Melbourne to find your perfect massage chair.

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Best Massage Chairs in Melbourne

Relax For Life is Australia’s leading specialist massage chair provider in Melbourne. We take pride in offering high-quality massage chairs from the best globally recognised brands in the industry. We exclusively provide Australia’s ONLY Japanese Made Massage Chairs among Melbourne’s most extensive range of massagers, massage chairs, and massage chair accessories for sale.

How do we provide the best massage chair experience in Melbourne? Through a combination of refined comfort, maximum relaxation, cutting-edge technology, and soothing massage movements. Finally, the aesthetically appealing designs make our Melbourne massage chairs the perfect complement for any room — the chairs will blend in with your décor and offer you a thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

  • The Value of Massage Chair Therapy

    Integrating at-home massage therapy into your daily routine has never been simpler. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of massage chair therapy treatment is accessibility. Unlike in-clinic treatment, at-home massage recliners can provide daily treatment from the comfort of your living room. For those looking to integrate a massage chair into their recovery or pain management schedule, here are some of the top reported benefits from massage chairs.

  • Reduced Stress

    Massage chairs have been proven to relieve stress and provide relief for those suffering from chronic pain. Numerous studies have proven the link between reduced cortisol levels—the hormone responsible for stress. Regular massage chair therapy can effectively relieve stress, anxiety, and provide relief.

  • Improved Circulation

    Just like massage therapy, massage chairs and recliners use a range of different massage techniques to improve circulation, increase blow, and even allow blood to re-enter tired and sore muscles to restore lost nutrients. The release of pressure causes blood to flow to new areas and increase circulation.

  • Reduced Muscle-Ache

    Muscle soreness or muscle ache is one of the primary reasons why athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose massage chairs to enhance recovery and improve training outcomes. But improving blood flow and encouraging and extending range of motion, massage chairs can provide effective muscle pain relief.

  • Improved Sleep

    Massage therapy and massage chairs have been proven to improve the quality of sleep by reducing anxiety and physical discomfort. Following a massage, lowered cortisol levels and increased serotonin and dopamine levels contribute to a deeper state of relaxation and provide improved sleep.

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The Relax for Life Difference

Here are some of the best and most unique selling points of our massage chairs for sale in Melbourne:

  • Japanese craftsmanship and best quality
  • Award winning, intuitive designs
  • Pre-set and pre-programmable massage options
  • Comfortable reclining positions that can be easily adjusted
  • Health benefits such as improved circulation, reduced stress, and increased relaxation
  • Bluetooth connectivity for your music, podcasts, or voice calls
  • Zero Gravity, Lay Flat and other optimal recline positions for best relaxation
  • The latest massage chair tracks including L-Track, S-Track, SL-Track & our proprietary Max-Track
  • Heated rollers as well as other heat zones for maximum comfort and relief
  • Latest technology including 5D AI, 4D, Kneading, Shiatsu, Compression and many other massage techniques for the best massage chair experience

Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation from World Class High-End Massage Chairs

Come and experience our exclusive luxury massage chair showroom at Peakhurst, Sydney.

If you suffer from a stressed mind or worn out body, a daily massage from an exceptional machine can help bring your happiness and energy back for home or work life.

Unlike shopping centres, we provide a serene and private environment for your chair consultation, ensuring you can unwind and explore our collection with utmost comfort and care.

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The Worlds Best Massage Chairs Under One Roof

We’re the exclusive Australian suppliers of these industry leading high-end massage chairs:

Relax For Life Showroom Richmond, VIC

Address:  Ground Floor, 319 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121

Open Hours:

Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 4pm

Saturday – 9am – 4pm

Phone: (03) 9041 0597

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How do I clean my massage chair?

Relax For Life massage chairs are state-of-the-art relaxation vessels — so they require very little maintenance to extend your relaxation. To ensure your massage chair retains its good looks and comfort for as long as possible, simply wipe down your chair with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean & dust free.  Refer to your model’s care instructions for more specific instructions.


What are the health benefits of massage chairs?

Massage chairs are scientifically proven to have significant health benefits, both physical and mental. Here are just a few of the boosts to your health that you can expect to experience by using Relax For Life’s massage chairs in Melbourne:

  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Stimulation of soft connective tissues
  • Muscle ache and pain relief
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Improved mood and sense of relief

Massage chairs also let you enjoy the benefits of a full body massage without you having to go out and pay for a professional massage. You can watch your favourite shows and listen to your favourite tunes — with Bluetooth connectivity and state-of-the-art infuser and aroma diffusers in the comfort & privacy of your own home or office whenever it suits you. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Can I try out your chairs in Melbourne?

Absolutely! We know better than anyone how important it is to try out a massage chair before you invest in one. For the best experience and to make the most informed choice, we encourage you to visit our showroom in Richmond, Melbourne, to view our range of massage chairs on display. You can enjoy what our chairs have to offer and choose the one you want based on first-hand experience.

We want you to have the best massage chair shopping experience and find the perfect chair for your massage needs which is why we offer Australia’s largest range — so think carefully about which chair will suit you best before buying! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert massage chair enthusiasts by phone at (03) 9041 0597 or through email at


What colours of massage chairs do you sell?

From classic black to clear beige to stylish colour combinations like Rosso Nero, Saddle, Walnut and Bordeaux — our massage chairs come in all sorts of colours and styles. Browse our full range to see if something catches your eye (we’re sure it will!)

Relax For Life’s massage chairs in Melbourne are designed with functionality — and aesthetics — in mind. They will effortlessly blend in and complement any room so that you can relax in style and comfort!


Where can you deliver?

Relax For Life offers White Glove delivery services across Melbourne’s metropolitan area (as well as other Australian cities).  For eligible regions, our White Glove delivery service includes a professional 2-person delivery, unpack, and set-up, making owning your new massage chair easier than ever.  Of course, we remove all packaging rubbish included in this service.  If you are in a more remote location, we are also able to arrange standard courier delivery. For more questions about our delivery services for massage chairs in Melbourne and other Australian locations, contact our Melbourne massage chair connoisseurs at (03) 9041 0597 or