Inada Massage Chairs & Relax For Life

Inada Massage Chairs & Relax For Life

Inada massage chairs are considered by many massage chair enthusiasts to be one of the leading global providers for luxury massage chairs. Made and designed in Japan by Family Inada, the brand’s massage chairs were first introduced into the Australian market in the early 2000s by Relax For Life, exclusive Australian agents for Inada. 

The Background of Inada Massage Chairs 

Inada massage chairs are designed and manufactured by Family INADA and come in various models.  

The company was founded in Japan in 1962 (2nd, after Fujiiryoki). Since its inception, Family INADA had dedicated its efforts to designing and building therapeutic massage chair devices for home use.

Today, Inada massage chairs are mostly sold in their own domestic market (Japan) with very few models sold globally.  

Relax For Life - Australia’s Leading Inada Massage Chair Provider

As the leading luxury massage chair provider in Australia, Relax For Life has been the exclusive Australian agent for Inada Massage Chairs since 2010. We have historically provided our Australian clients with a wide range of Inada massage chairs, including models such as: 

  • Inada Sogno
  • Inada Dreamwave
  • Inada Duet
  • Inada 3S Flex
  • Inada iYume
  • Inada X1 Massage Chairs

Most of these models above are now discontinued and replaced with newer models that are available in Japan’s domestic market. Unfortunately, these newer massage chair models from Inada (circa 2020) do not meet Australia’s stringent product certification and electrical standards, resulting in them being unable to be legally sold in Australia. 

Best Massage Chair Alternatives to Inada Massage Chairs

Despite the unavailability of Inada massage chairs in Australia, there are still other popular Japanese massage chair brands that offer excellence of quality and innovation. 

At Relax For Life, we are the exclusive Australian agent for two other top-of-the-line luxury massage chair brands that are also manufactured and designed in Japan — Fujiiryoki and OHCO


Claiming the title of being the creator of the world's first massage chair in 1954, Fujiiryoki is widely regarded as one of the most advanced massage chair manufacturers in Japan. Its leading (and latest) massage chair model is the Fujiiryoki JP3000 Medical Massage Chair, which features state-of-the-art 5DAI+ technology that analyses the user’s body for tension in real time to apply specific areas of massage, just like a human masseuse would. 

With over 50+ massage techniques, heat therapy, and 12 levels of intensity adjustment, the Fujiiryoki JP3000 Medical Massage Chair provides a holistic massage experience with the assurance of quality from Japanese craftsmanship.

With more than 70 years experience, you are certainly in very good hands with Fujiiryoki and their Medical device massage chairs as certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health. 


Japanese made, designed and engineered, OHCO massage chairs are the most luxurious and opulent in the world. With the OHCO M8 NEO taking the lead as the 2024 flagship model, the massage experience offered to users is truly one of a kind. The design of the massage chair is by Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama, along with Japanese Shiatsu Sensei Okabayashi, giving it a perfect blend of both form and function. 

In terms of massage technology, the OHCO M8 NEO features the Movesync™ Dual Massage Mechanism, which works in tandem to target the back, glutes, and neck for effective relief. It also has rear swing doors that open outward, allowing users to get in and out of the chair without difficulty. 

For discerning customers that are looking for the best quality Japanese massage chairs, Relax For Life is proud to be the exclusive supplier of both Fujiiryoki and OCHO massage chairs in Australia, offering excellent alternatives to those previously looking for Inada massage chairs. 

But don’t just take our word for it — come and experience what these massage chairs offer for yourself. At Relax For Life, we have luxury massage chair showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast where you can try out our full range of the top global massage chair brands in a private and comfortable environment. 

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