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Massage Chairs FAQs

What types of massage chairs can I buy?

At Relax For Life, we offer only the top global brands with highest quality massage chairs. Shop the range of massage chairs available to buy, including the following:

  • The ONLY Japanese-made massage chairs in Australia
  • Sports massage chairs
  • Medical massage chairs
  • Recliner chairs for good posture

Our full collection of massage chairs can be viewed online or in our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast at Hope Island, Queensland.


How do I take care of my massage chair?

The massage chairs available from Relax For Life require little maintenance, simply use a microfibre cloth to keep your massage chair dust free. Each individual model may come with specific care requirements, so refer to your chair’s instructions for more details on maintenance, and cleaning.


Can I customise my massage settings?

With Relax For Life massage chairs, you can customise all the most important aspects of your experience. Our advanced massage chairs available for our customers use the latest technology, the most intuitive designs, and the best programming to bring you these customisation options:

  • Reclining positions such as zero gravity and lay flat
  • Massage intensity / strength
  • Stretching and therapeutic massage
  • Neck traction
  • Whole-body or specific area massage

For more specific information about the pre-set, pre-programmable, and in-chair customisation you can experience, check out our full range of massagers online or book your VIP demo at our showroom closest to you to try out the options first-hand.


Where can I try out your massage chairs?

At Relax For Life, we know that the only way to know if you truly love a massage chair is to try it out firsthand. And you can do that at our Hope Island showroom in Queensland. Here, you’ll get privacy and VIP treatment as you try out our world-class massage chairs. Simply make a booking for your VIP showroom demo or call Relax For Life at (07) 3343 6548 to get in touch.


Where can you deliver massage chairs across Queensland?


Relax For Life offers comprehensive delivery services across Queensland, so we can deliver massage chairs, as well as to the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and regional areas. For massage chair enthusiasts, we offer White Glove delivery (including unpacking and installation services). For more inquiries about our delivery services for massage chairs and other cities or areas such as Sunnybank, Melbourne and Sydney, contact Relax For Life at (07) 3343 6548 or info@relaxforlife.com.au.


How often should I be using my massage chair?

If you’re new to massage chairs, it is usually recommended that you use your chair for 15-30 minutes per session and 3-4 times a week to start. You can adjust your routine based on your comfort levels how you feel before and after using the chair as you go along. If you have more questions about the frequency of use of massage chairs, get in touch with us or visit our Hope Island showroom.


Are massage chairs as good as masseuse massages?

The massage chairs from Relax For Life are state-of-the-art, using the most recent technology and most adaptable intelligence systems to provide you with the most comprehensive and personalised massage experience, rivalling and in some cases exceeding the capabilities of traditional massages. When you buy our massage chairs, you’ll get the following benefits, all from the comfort of your home: 

  • Stimulation of connective tissues
  • Muscle ache and pain relief
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved circulation and blood flow

That’s not even mentioning the quality of life improvements you’ll get with features such as pre-set and programmable massage settings, Bluetooth capabilities, and adjustable reclining positions. Relax For Life massage chairs are scientifically proven by research facilities and universities to be the most beneficial massage chairs for your physical and mental health, so get your health fix today by getting your hands on a massage chair.


What colours do you offer for your massage chairs?

Not only do our massage chairs come with advanced technology and great massage capabilities, but they look great in your bedroom, office or living room, too. Choose from different designs and colours, from classic black to clear beige and unique colour combinations like Saddle, Walnut, and Bordeaux! Explore our complete range online or book your VIP showroom demo to find a massage chair that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.