Massage Chair Collection

Australia's best range of premium massage chairs and recliners from the leading global massage chair brands, with over 10 exclusive models to choose from. 

Featuring the ONLY Japanese made massage chairs in Australia from brands such as Fujiiryoki (Made In Japan since 1954), OHCO (Ferrari designer), Positive Posture and more.  

With luxury massage chair showrooms near you in Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast, we invite you to visit us to experience & feel the difference for yourself! View our collection online below with Australia-wide white glove delivery.

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  • Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of massage chair retailers in Australia. So then, why should you choose Relax for Life? Well, here's just a few reasons why we're regarded as Australia's #1 massage chair specialists.

    • Australian owned & operated with over 20 years of industry experience and over 10,000 happy customers
    • Australia's ONLY Japanese made massage chairs (all other massage chairs in Australia are made in China)
    • Exclusive agents for the world's leading massage chair brands including Fujiiryoki (Made In Japan since 1954, creators of world's 1st massage chair), OHCO (Ferrari designer), Positive Posture and more.
    • No middle of the mall "pop up" displays or pressure selling but rather a genuine focus on assisting our customers in choosing the right massage chair for each individuals needs
    • Enduring relationships with our suppliers mean quality control and excellent value for money
    • Australia's largest massage chair collection from 5+ reputable global brands, with something for everyone to suit varying styles, price-points and needs - your one stop massage chair shop - Australia's largest range of quality massage chairs.
    • Finding the best massage chairs near me has never been easier! Our Sydney, Melbourne, or Gold Coast luxury showrooms to experience & feel the differences for yourself!  Or check out our range online with help from our friendly team over the phone.
  • Massage chairs can be useful for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking to treat underlying pain such as back problems, joint mobility, alleviate stress, address sleeping issues, or you’re simply looking for a better way to relax in the comfort of your own home. Some of the features and benefits associated with regular massage therapy use, include:

  • Features

    Each full body massage chair comes with its own set of features. In general, our higher end recliners and chairs will provide a more comprehensive suite of features. However, it’s always a good idea to talk to our team about what you’re looking for in a massage chair so that we can find the perfect fit. Some of the most common features in our range of massage chairs, include:

    • Double leg massage
    • Foot massage and rollers
    • Trigger point massage techniques
    • Dual massage mechanism
    • Air massage for relaxation and meditation
    • Adjustable levels of intensity for a full body stretch
    • User profiles with tailored settings
    • AI double sensing body scan (select models)
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Tailored, custom cushioning
    • Stretch session functionality

  • Benefits

    Our massage chair collection doesn't just treat existing issues, they can also positively impact overall health and provide numerous benefits for people from all walks of life, including:

    • Reduced muscle tension and muscle ache for pain relief
    • Stimulate and improve circulation
    • Improve blood flow
    • Reduce stress hormones in the body to alleviate stress and promote well being
    • Increase joint mobility and flexibility
    • Recovery from soft tissue injuries
    • Aid in recovery from physical activity and sport
    • Promote relaxation and deeper sleep
    • Address pre-existing neural pain points

The Value of Massage Recliners

For some Australians, massage chairs are viewed as a luxury, for many others, they are an absolute necessity for their physical and mental wellbeing. When it comes down to it, investing in a high-quality massage chair is an investment in your health and wellbeing.

Compared to pain medications or high-touch (& often time consuming) regular massage therapy with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage professional, the cost of massage chairs begins to make a lot more sense and often our customers tell us that in the long run, they actually end up saving money! 

To us, we view massage chairs and recliners as an at-home treatment method that can effectively combat many of the same health ailments that are treated by an in-office professional. In fact, Australia’s National Institute of Health reported that massage chair therapy is 40% cheaper (60.17% of the cost) than that of physiotherapy treatment in Australia.

With the right chair and guidance from our team, massage chairs are a cost-effective and accessible treatment method that allows you to control the frequency and duration of your massage treatments – without the ongoing costs, time or frustrations.  The benefits of massage chair ownership are endless, especially considering multiple members of the family can use their massage recliner 24/7, even in the middle of the night if having trouble sleeping!

  • OHCO

    Made in Japan, OHCO massage chairs are the pinnacle of luxury chairs, delivering massage actions just like the hands of a Shiatsu massage master and designed by the famous Ken Okuyama (designer of the legendary Ferrari Enzo), featuring the world’s only side opening doors for ease of entry & exit into your chair.

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  • Positive Posture

    Known for their versatile full body massage chairs and the world’s only Sport Massage Chairs, this brand from Colorado USA excels in creating chairs that provide recovery for everyone including elderly, athletes / gym-goers and everyone in between.

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  • DCore

    Deep tissue massage and beauty, these come with True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays for a therapeutic massage chair experience with a stunning Walnut finish from Florida’s black-walnut trees for luxe aesthetics.

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  • Fujiiryoki

    For massage chair enthusiasts, no introduction is needed for this famous  Japanese brand, having created the world’s FIRST massage chair back in 1954!  Offering the world’s first 5D+AI tech-driven massage chair, among the world’s leading massage chair innovations. The history of the massage chair is the history of Fujiiryoki, Made In Japan, since 1954.

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  • Synca

    Japanese brand which is part of Johnson Fitness group and a partner company of Fujiiryoki.  With luxury health in mind, these massage chairs offer stretching and deep tissue massages for complete relaxation and wellness, at an affordable and economical price point.

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  • Relax for Life’s globally recognised products are engineered meticulously to foster the most relaxing and therapeutic massage sessions to benefit your back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet, and more vital areas.  With the help of a luxury massage chair, your body can experience high-end massage therapy and rejuvenation — wherever you want and whenever you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are massage chairs worth it?

The short answer to this question is yes: massage chairs and recliners are well worth the investment. 

With regular use and correct application, regular massage treatment can offer health benefits like reduced muscle soreness and stiffness, increased mobility, reduced stress levels, happier minds with the release of endorphins, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation and a reduction in chronic pain symptoms.  

In the same way that massage therapy can help to alleviate pain points in the body, full body massage chairs are an ideal ‘at home’ treatment, that is also much, much more relaxing, convenient & time efficient. Some of our customers will use their chair as an accompaniment to regular in-clinic treatment as prescribed by their health care provider and others have found their recliner to be an invaluable replacement to previous treatments and medications no longer required, actually saving many customers money in the long run, let alone their improvements in quality of life which is obviously invaluable!


Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we recommend you do -  You can try our huge range of quality massage chairs at one of our three showrooms:

Sydney Showroom

Address:  16a/53 Lorraine Street Peakhurst NSW 2210

Open Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm & Saturday 9am-4pm

Phone: (02) 8307 0878

Melbourne Showroom

Address:  Ground Floor, 319 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121

Open Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm & Saturday 9am-4pm

Phone: (03) 9041 0597

Gold Coast & Brisbane Showroom 

Address: 1/18 Broadwater Avenue, Broadwater Plaza, Hope Island, QLD, 4212

Open Hours: By appointment only (Gold Coast store only)

Phone: (07) 3343 6548

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver to most metropolitan areas in Australia and offer a premium White Glove delivery & assembly service which includes: 

  • 2-man delivery on agreed day/time (no waiting around all day for delivery person!)
  • Un-pack and move massage chair into desired room and position
  • Setup and assemble massage chair in desired location
  • Rubbish removed
  • Massage chair test and guidance on how to use
  • All above services included in our White Glove Delivery & Assembly service within 50km of each state capital.  Other areas, white glove service subject to availability.

Areas outside of major metro areas may be delivered via standard courier delivery using a third-party courier company with an estimated time for delivery will be between 1 to 12 business days depending on your location.


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer an industry leading warranty and after sales support across our entire range. Our Japanese Made Massage Chairs include a 5 year full comprehensive warranty. For a complete breakdown of warranty and service by product, visit our warranty support page.


How much do the chairs weigh?

Each chair on our website and in our showrooms have a different weight and dimension which you can find on individual product pages. As a guideline, massage chairs weigh between 70 - 120kg depending on the specific model that you choose.