Importance of massage

The importance of massage


Dr Daniel Irvine from Irvine Chiropractic explains the importance of massage and why it is so important for pain relief, relaxation and general well being.


Video transcript

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Relax For Life Wellness Channel. I’m Doctor Daniel Irvine, Chiropractor in the local area here of Mortdale and also over at Parramatta. Today, we are here at Relax For Life massage chairs, and it would be remiss of me not to talk about the benefits of massage. So, for me personally, I went years without getting a great massage.

Just recently I have just started getting massages again, and by gosh I have noticed a difference. There are so many benefits to massage, one of which is reducing stress; enough said really. It boosts our energy levels, reduces stress, how fantastic is that? For me, I’m in the gym all the time, I still play some active sports, particularly with my young children and I need to relax my muscles. Massage does that for us. Promotes muscle relaxation, which can prevent injury, decrease pain and a whole raft of other things, so promotion of muscle relaxation is a great benefit of massage.It can also improve our circulation and our lymphatic flow.

What is the lymphatic flow?

That’s the flow, of all that extra fluid in our body, that comes back to the body; it’s all those fine invaders, that sits in certain areas and we get sick. It promotes the circulation and lymphatic flow. Circulation, we don’t even think about how our hearts pump our blood, it needs to get back to our heart. The more that our heart can be effective and efficient at doing that the better off you will be, so get a massage to help improve your circulation the better. Especially if you are elderly, or your not moving as much, circulation is a really important thing for you to think about. So, get a massage or get a massage chair, whatever you like, and utilize that technique. It’s also just generally relaxing.

There is a stress hormone in our body called cortisol that gets release way too often in our body these days, due to chronic stresses and this is one way that we can decrease our cortisol levels and improve our relaxation levels. If your are a desk worker, your at a computer all day, you have poor posture, massage can help improve your posture.

The are many reasons behind that, but take my word for it, the main reason why it is going to improve your posture is by releasing all those tight muscles, it’s going to open up your shoulders, open up your hips and allow you to even stand up tall. I’m pretty short, so I like that benefit too, but I hope you guys will all get a massage soon and experience all of these amazing benefits for yourself. That’s it for me today, signing out!

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