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Close your eyes. Calm your mind. Soothe your senses. Escape to a place where you are abundantly relaxed, fully recharged, and thoroughly rejuvenated. Float untethered, free from the din of daily life in this place of strength, peace, and contentment. This is a place where you liberate your mind, bringing focus and clarity to life. This is the unique power of the OHCO experience.

A blend of a shiatsu master’s insight with sophisticated technology and design. The confluence of Japanese precision, refinement, and modern luxury with the art and wisdom of age-old massage practices. OHCO M.8 is a luxurious masterwork of unparalleled massage efficacy and visual beauty.  Made In Japan.  OHCO, Massage Redefined.

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As one of the latest additions to the Relax For Life Massage Chair range, this beautiful chair will become a stunning feature in any home setting. The Made In Japan OHCO M.8 has been meticulously built to ensure the highest level of comfort and relaxation, and is sure to impress all who try it, straight from it’s debut at the world’s largest consumer electronics expo – CES 2019, where the M.8 was awarded CES Innovation Award 2019 Honoree.  This is the pinnacle of Japanese massage chairs combining multiple sophisticated elements into one luxury massage chair.

First is the elevated design of renowned Japanese designer Ken Okuyama, integrating visual refinement and ground-breaking capabilities to create an unrivalled and unequalled massage experience – inspired by Okuyama’s automotive roots with luxury vehicles in Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati, the M.8 incorporates rear-swinging doors to deliver a new level of convenience in massage chairs (never before seen).

Second, is the massage movement orchestration and choreography developed by an actual Japanese Shiatsu Master – Sensai Okabayashi.  Although he is a renowned shiatsu master, Sensei Okabayashi still begins his therapeutic sessions with a single, simple touch to discern clients emotions and feel the areas of muscle stiffness and begin to bring the body back into harmony.  It is this intuition that Sensei Okabayashi has brought to the symphony of movement in OHCO M-Series.  Working with engineers to create an unsurpassed orchestration of touch that brings your whole person into harmony, frees up the body’s healing power, and rejuvenates both mind and muscle.

Third is the collection of exclusive features not found on any other massage chair brand.  Combined, all three are tailored to deliver the rarest of holistic mind and body experiences.


World Famous Designer: Ken Okuyama (inspired by Okuyama’s automotive roots with luxury vehicles in Porsche, Ferari and Maserati)

World Renowned Shiatsu Master Sensei Okabayashi – unsurpassed orchestration of touch that brings your whole person into harmony, frees up the body’s healing power, and rejuvenates both mind and muscle.

MaxTrackTM -The OHCO is designed on MaxTrack™ our proprietary framework that comprehensively matches the contour of the human body. While still allowing the seat, back, and legs to independently adjust, the MaxTrack design ensures a precise massage throughout every point of contact.

Zero Gravity & Lay Flat Recline – The M.8 can adjust into an infinite number of recline positions including zero gravity and lay-flat.

Knead & Stretch Headrest – The M.8 Headrest offers rollers and air-driven cervical traction. Movements are carefully programmed to melt away neck and shoulder stress & strain, and to provide soothing, gentle neck traction.  Another proprietary feature of the OHCO are these effective rollers in the headrest.

Gentle Entry – Ingress and egress is vital for beginning and completing your massage with a sense of ease and continued relaxation. So OHCO makes sitting and rising easy through Gentle Welcome doors, which open on either side of the chair. Never before seen in any other massage chair. Move in and out of your next imcomparable OHCO session and let the comfort stay with you.

Full Body Air Massage -The chair is equipped with thoughtfully placed air cells that melt away muscle soreness and fatigue.

Bluetooth Audio Immersion – Connect with your smart device to play music, relaxing sound, or take a guided meditation to enhance and deepen your massage experience.

Arms of Embrace Surrounding Arms – Like the hands of masseuse who knows your body intimately, twelve individually controlled air cells embrace each of your arms conducting movements that select from countless of combinations to fit the exact needs of your arms.

TheraElliptical Calf Kneading – By combining compression and rotation in a complex movement, the OHCO creates the perfect emulation of the hands of a massage therapist, enhancing circulation with a powerful yet soothing motion. The gentle pressure of a knuckle. The press of a thumb. And circular pulsing — are these human hands behind you? No, you sit in a rejuvenated solitude. How can this combined movement at key points be so precise, so lifelike, so made for your body?

Total Body Heat – Foot, palm, back and seat heat increases relaxation and comfort. Each heat zone can be independently controlled.

Infrared Roller Heat – Point specific heat in the rollers to help loosen and relax muscles, and improve blood circulation.

Multi-Language Remote Control – Designed to be simple & intuitive, the easy to read user interface allows you to adjust & monitor your massage.  Multiple language selections are also available.

USB Power Ports & Smartphone pocket – Allowing convenient access to charge your smartphone, tablet or other device whilst you relax.

Wall Hugging – Requires just 10cm between the upright back-rest position and your wall.  Maximum space efficiency.

Air Ionizer – Located in the head rest, the air ion generator clears dust, dander, spores, and other pollutants from the air.

Aromatherapy – Its design draws you in; its touch continually renews. Now bring your olfactory receptors to this a feast for the senses. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the first-to-market aromatherapy slot in the headrest for a completely immersive experience.

Conscious Approach LED Light – The OHCO not only knows your body, it senses your arrival, casting a soft vignette of light around its base, illuminating your path to rejuvenation.







Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 153 × 92 × 125 cm

saddle, pearl, midnight, bordeaux, walnut


  • Length: 60” (153 cm)
  • Width: 36” (92 cm)
  • Height: 49” (125 cm)
  • Chair Weight: 364lbs (165kg)
  • Reclining Angle: Approximately 120° to 160° against flat floor
  • Recommended User Weight: 265 lbs (120 kg) (maximum)

BACK STROKE RANGE: 49″ (124cm)


MANUAL OPERATIONS: 9 massage technique variations + calf rollers + kneading neck rollers + foot rollers


  • 220-240 Volts AC / 50-60 Hertz


25 reviews for OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

  1. Dustan Nguyen

    I came in to the Richmond store and was pleasantly surprised. Vittoria was great to stay behind and look after u. we love the new M.8 in midnight. I would highly recommencement come here the service is great.

  2. Cathy

    Unbelievable. This chair is simply sublime. The massage itself is perfect and the opening doors make it so easy to get in & out of. As for the look and style, amazing. I ordered the Bordeaux colour M8 and it is stunning. I couldn’t be happier with the service from Relax For Life, from start to finish.

  3. Rick Huntley

    This is my first attempt at a review, and if I ramble on too much please excuse me.
    I always conduct extensive research before I commit to any major expenditure and there are several things that I usually look for such as quality, features, service, support, and last of all price or value for money.
    My wife and I wanted a massage chair that would provide health benefits and relaxation, and last us for many years, hopefully a once off purchase.
    The Chatswood Relax for Life store was not the first store we visited to look at massage chairs, but once we walked in the door it was apparent that we would not be looking any further. Michael was extremely helpful and so was Kate during a later visit while we waited for Michael to arrive. If we are going to spend a lot of money on an item we don’t want someone trying to push their product down your throats. No pressure just welcoming and informative banter.
    I am an Electrical Engineer by trade and like to look at the design, build quality and features of items. I have seen many massage chairs that people have bought over the years and have an idea of their weaknesses and what could fail in them, so yes I am critical. For that reason, most Chinese manufactured items are almost always immediately discounted by me especially if there is a comparative American, Japanese, or European product available. That was what led me to the Inada chair as it had excellent reviews from America and was manufactured in Japan. Japanese engineering is extremely precise and innovative and easily stands up against the best of European products. I could site many examples, suffice to say the Dreamwave chairs easily live up to my expectations.
    When you have a massage you want to relax. In the chairs we tried there was no discernible noise and no pounding of air bags, or sound of rollers working. It was quality all the way. So it was top marks in that area for the chairs.
    My only concern was with the inertia reel that controlled the cable connecting and retracting the remote control. Firstly, it is good to see a cable connected remote so no batteries, but, not that there was any sign of a problem in the chairs I saw, but like seat belts it may become a problem in years to come. Having said that, it is only a minor point and the fact that there are no batteries to replace and the cable does retract nicely out of the way, I don’t think this will ever put anyone off.
    So it now comes down to service, support and what model chair to select.
    Here is where I got a shock. I do not live in a Metropolitan area and when Michael explained to me that he would have to get permission before he could sell one to me as there was no local support available to assemble the chair and in the event of a problem who would I go to for warranty it set me back a bit.
    Apparently some prospective buyers have not been able to purchase M8 chairs because of just this problem. However, I was fortunate in that with my engineering background I was able to negotiate a deal whereby I, along with phone, video and other forms of help would be able to take on the role of a Service person. The very fact that they do not just sell chairs and walk away answered my concerns with regard to service and support.
    One more thing about the chairs, when reclined they slide forward, not just backwards and this means that their footprint when upright is virtually smaller than other brands as if they have a wall behind them they can be moved further back towards the wall as they only require approximately 150mm clear access behind the back of the chair, so in smaller areas they do not take up as much room. They are still made in Japan and come with a true 3 years warranty.
    The side access opening doors on the M8 is unique and will make access to the chairs as we age a lot easier.
    Oh yes I almost forgot. While you are in the store check out the portable neck massage unit. It is great.

  4. Quinn

    This is best quality Japan massage chair with more special features that no others have. Very great massage for body and very great service from Relax For Life.

  5. Jeremy

    Amazing! Thank you for the best massage chair, I feel like a King everyday. Wonderful service too, thank you to all at Relax For Life!

  6. Ivanka

    After extensive research and trying many massage chairs my husband and I recently decided to buy DreamWave M.8 massage chair. I am extremely impressed with this chair, the quality of massage it gives, the variety of features and the quality Japanese make. From my first visit to relax for life in Chatswood store I was delighted and impressed with Michael’s professionalism, knowladge and willingness to go an extra mile to help the customer. Both my husband and I were impressed and felt that we are in good hands. Michael took the time to explain the design, the features, the quality and the programs that the chair offers. He was not pushing us as some sales people fo and that helped us stay focused on important factors for the decision making.
    Thank you Michael, we highly recommend your services.
    We feel very happy with the warranty that relax for life offers that no other massage chairs company does. Relax for Life also has a great range of chairs to suit different needs.
    Thank you again Michael for all your help and guidelines.

  7. Lucy Chang

    Michael is a very polite and patient service staff. He is also very professional in explaining the Massage chair products. He feels very kind and makes me feel safe to buy the products.

  8. Ivanka

    My husband and I recently bought Dreamwave M8 chair from Chatswood relax for life shop. Michael, acted very professionaly, was extremely helpfull and knowledgeable about the products, the chair features and the company. All my questions were answered with great care and that helped us make the right decesion. I visited the store several times while waiting for the chair delivery and both Kate and Michael were very patient and kind all the time answering additional questions I had.
    I am very happy with the chair and the more I use it the more I wish I bought it a long time ago. As part of my job, I sit all day in the office and the Dreamwave massage chair with its fantastic programs for stress relieve, streching and full body massage help me keep stress and muscle stiffness under control.
    I highly recommend Chatswood relax for life shop and their services.Other team members – Richard, Daniel and Adam who helped with the chair delivery and installation were also very professional and helped with all our requests along the way.
    Thank you Relax for life Chatstwood team.

  9. Wil

    Relax for life is a company that sells a variety of wonderful and advanced massage chairs. At the Chatswood branch, Michael helped explained to us each and every type of chair with their own individual functions. He is very friendly and patient and is actually one of the reasons we bought the chair. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a massage chair to come here.

  10. Benjamin Ho

    Team are super helpful and informative. Geoff from Richmond is always on hand to answer questions and just wonderful customer service.. Great products and helped find the most appropriate chair to suit our needs. The delivery and service team were excellent. Experienced and knowledgeable about the product. Quality products and service all around. Highly recommended

  11. Salina Ai

    The chairs were all very good quality and the one we tried (and eventually bought) was very comfortable!! We went to many shops to try out their chairs but the ones here were different and better. Big thank you to Michael who was very knowledgeable and friendly, we had an amazing experience there thanks to him :). Delivery is very quick, we received our chair in 2 days

  12. Johnathon Choi

    My partner and I visited several different shops looking for massage chairs and Michael was by far the most welcoming and professional of the lot. There was a broad range of chairs on offer to suit all budgets and is truly a one stop shop for massage chairs. Michael knew his chairs inside out and provided a thorough overview of the pros and cons which was extremely helpful in making an informed decision. He was very calm, patient and accommodating despite us trying out pretty much all the chairs in the shop. A highly recommended shop and a big thumbs up for Michael – true legend!! The chair was delivered on time as promised and we are enjoying every minute of it. A great quality product and a terrific price.

  13. Porson Wong

    We had a great experience at Chatswood branch. Michael assisted my wife – Cindy and I to purchase one of the best quality massage chair – Dream Wave M.8 and we absolutely love it! Michael was very patient and made a good and comprehensive pros and cons of the different model of massage chair. His suggestion was accurate and reliable as well as he made us feel very comfortable. I highly suggest this location! I had the pleasure to have been recommended to Michael Moriarty, one of the best salesperson I’ve dealt with up to date.

  14. Jack Triantos

    We had the pleasure of dealing with Michael at Relax for Life.

    Not only does he know his product, he is a total professional and keeps you informed of the progress of your order. Plus he gives excellent post sales support.

    They have a wide range of products and let you test all the chairs properly.

    Very happy with the excellent, helpful and friendly service. World class product.

    We purchased a Japanese made chair and the quality and superb craftsmanship is self evident.

  15. Jingping Chen

    Excellent customer services by both Geoff and Crissy. we love the Dreamwave M8. Geoff know the product well and look after mum very well. we highly recommend their services.

  16. Hannah Li

    Geoff was super helpful and patient with helping us to purchase the right massage chair. Would definitely recommend!

  17. James De Guia

    We purchased a massage chair through Relax For Life. We are loving the M.8 massage chair. We had a small issue and Carny from the service department attended to on the same day that we reported. He was in and out in 10 minutes. I can’t recommend Relax For Life highly enough. Thanks again.

  18. Wei Shi

    Recently purchased a M8 for my parents who are in their mid 60’s. I wanted the best massage chair experience for them and I’m happy to say the M8 delivers. There are many settings and programs built in. For them, the ‘Dreamwave’ setting is perfect as it is not too harsh. For me personally, I enjoy a firmer massage and the higher intensity settings does the trick. I had spent literally hours in it during the weekend and did not want to get off. When it comes to the M8, you really get what you pay for.
    From Wei Shi

  19. Tom

    The M8 is a great massage chair. There are numerous programs which will cater for all members of your family.

    The staff in the Richmond store were superb and the delivery and installation process was exemplary.

    Highly recommended!

  20. Jinda

    From the moment we entered the Richmond store, Chrissy was very welcoming and friendly she was also very patient while we tested the chairs and asked questions. Chrissy was very knowledgeable about all the chairs and after testing them we bought the DreamWave M8. We wanted a Japanese chair as their reputation for quality is outstanding. I would like to thank Chrissy from relax for life for a stress free experience.
    From Jinda

  21. Collin Nguyen

    Amazing, perfectly delivered with service and was a great help after a long day.

  22. Alfred Kwok

    Good range of quality massage chairs with professional and courteous advice.
    Bought the high quality Dreamwave M8 chair and are very satisfied with the functions suitable for our needs even though the price is much more than the average other Chineses made chairs which do not have the same quality in our view.

  23. Harika Ready

    I recently purchased Dreamwave M8 from this store. Julia and Michael were both very knowledgeable and answered all my questions patiently . This is an amazing store will different massage chairs for different needs of people. I’m glad I went here to try M8 chair and no regrets with my purchase. Though it’s expensive I didn’t find any other chair which suits my needs as this one does. Well worth the money!! Myself and my husband love this chair and use it daily. After trying all other chairs on the market , I can surely say this one is the best!!!
    From Harika Ready

  24. Bonie Santhosh

    Excellent service from Julia. Bought M8 and had a positive experience.
    Bonie Santhosh

  25. Ryuji Uematsu

    Relax For Life Massage Chairs were wonderful in every aspect of my research & purchase of a massage chair. Julia from the Peakhurst store was friendly, knowledgeable & a delight to deal with. The white glove delivery service gents were also extremely professional & caring. I’m delighted by the end-to-end service and recommend them highly. The massage chair is awesome too. I wish I had purchased it years ago. Thanks again Julia and team 🙂

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