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7 Important Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have long been favoured by those looking for a way to relax and de-stress, but it may surprise you to know that massage chairs also offer significant and tangible health benefits. 

A medical study conducted by Medicine (Baltimore) in 2020 found that massage chair therapy was 49.7% more cost-effective than physiotherapy in offering similar benefits for pain relief and overall improvement in quality of life. 

So, what exactly are these health benefits that come with massage chair use? We’re here to highlight 7 of the most important ones for you in this article.

Improve blood flow

Normally, improved blood flow in your body results from an increase in heart rate, such as when we exercise. However, massage chairs can do so without making your heart pump quicker. The rhythmic and circular motions of a massage chair against your body can help in stimulating the flow of blood through a process known as vasodilation, where your blood vessels are expanded for easier blood flow.

Massage chair models that recline also help to change the orientation of your body with respect to gravity, allowing your blood to circulate better.  

With improved blood flow, you may feel more energetic and less fatigued, and potentially experience better sleep quality. 

Boost immune system function

Medical research has found that massage chair therapy can also enhance the body’s immune system — studies found that individuals who use massage chairs regularly had an increased level of white blood cells, which are a key part of how the body combats viruses and illnesses. 

So, enjoying a massage chair experience can help your body stay healthy and free from illness!

Easy access, unlimited use

There’s no denying that in-person massages have their own set of benefits, but when comparing their ease of access to massage chairs, there’s a clear winner. With a massage chair at home, you’ll never need to worry about booking appointments in advance or the cost of a massage session. Having a massage chair of your own gives you instant access to quality massages anytime you need it, without needing to even think about it. 

Improved recovery and reduced muscle soreness

Sore muscles tend to be one of the main reasons that people may use a massage chair, and it’s because of the effective relief that it can provide. By soothing targeted areas around the body, a massage chair can help tense muscles relax and reduce swelling. 

This naturally leads to faster recovery times for sore muscles which is ideal for situations such as after an intense workout, or when you have a muscle cramp or injury. 

Alleviate persistent pain and headaches

Massage chairs can help to provide effective relief from chronic pain in the body, such as knee pain or back pain. Most of the time, pain from these areas is a result of injury or undue stress being placed on the joints, muscles, or ligaments around the area. A massage chair can apply specialised massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, or tapping, to release tension and provide instant relief from pain. 

Headaches from stress or neck strain can also be treated with massage chair therapy — rollers and air cushions around the head and shoulders can help to soothe tense muscles and stop headaches. 

Improve posture

Poor posture isn't just a matter of how you look — it can lead to back pain, headaches, and other physical problems. Regular use of a massage chair can help to improve your posture by correcting the position and alignment of your spine. And because you’ll be lying down, you won’t need to actively adjust your back posture; the chair will assist you with it. 

This also applies to postural issues that are a result of muscle tension. As mentioned earlier, massage chairs can help to relax muscles, like those on your back. 

Promote flexibility

Last, but certainly not least, massage chairs can promote better flexibility throughout your whole body. With regular massage sessions, you’ll be able to have a better range of motion, especially in areas that you may have previously been stiff or had limited mobility. 

These essential health benefits, coupled with the value of massage chairs for everyday relaxation make them an ideal purchase for those who want a quality massage on demand that promotes physical and mental wellness. At Relax for Life, we offer a diverse selection of luxury massage chairs that can provide relaxation and support for your health. Explore our collection online and try them out for yourself at our massage chair showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast! 

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