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Top 3 Massage Chairs to Buy in Australia 2023


Does your back hurt due to the never-ending workload you have? Or perhaps you’ve had a pretty tough day and feel like you’re almost losing it. Either way, falling back into a massage chair can help you relax after a long, stressful day. Some people may prefer getting a quick fix at the local massage centre when they can. However, having your massage chair with you at home offers the best experience because you can use it anytime without a booking. That being said, what are the best massage chairs to buy in Australia? Below is a compilation of the three best massage chairs available for purchase in Australia.

Top 3 Massage Chairs to Buy

OHCO M8 Massage Chair

This massage chair is known for being the most effective and sophisticated chair on the planet. One massage session in the OHCO M8 massage chair is enough to convince most people that this product is made different. This massage chair features Japanese Shiatsu master’s insight with sophisticated technology and design. The OHCO M8 is a luxury blend of unparalleled massage efficiency and visual beauty. This chair mimics the movements that are used by physical therapists and chiropractors. Check out the OHCO M8 massage chair here. Yes, this is the top-of-the-range Japanese-made massage chair so it comes with the top of the line price tag, but it is well worth every penny!

Positive Posture Brio Sport Massage Chair

The Brio Sport massage chair is one of the best massage chairs that comes from the experts at Positive Posture in Colorado USA. Brio Sport is the chair that combines relaxation and stretching with healing. This chair features the latest technology that can blow anyone’s mind (with comfort). It includes a 4D mechanism, zero gravity, heating, and foot rollers. Relax for Life is an exclusive distributor of Positive Posture massage chairs in Australia. Check it out here.

DCORE Massage Chair

DCORE massage chairs designed by Inada Soshu bring years of experience and knowledge after working with his father Nimchu INADA, who is also known as the godfather of massage chairs. DCore stands for deep core massage which delivers uniquely therapeutic massage by penetrating deep into muscles. Whether it be the DCore Cirrus or DCore Stratus, these massage chairs combine modern engineering with traditional Japanese beauty, finesse and elegance. You can buy the DCore massage chair range in one of our luxury showrooms or read more about it here.

Buy the Best Massage Chairs from Relax For Life

Looking to try a massage chair before you buy it? Relax For Life’s showrooms have the best selection of massage chairs in Australia from the leading 5 worldwide brands. Featuring Australia’s only Japan-made massage chairs and offering an extensive range for varying budgets and needs. Contact us or visit one of our luxury showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast to explore the many massage chair designs and options.

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