How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?


At Relax For Life — Australia’s leading massage chair store — one of the most common questions we get every day is: how much is a massage chair?

Massage chair prices in Australia typically range from $4,000 up to $22,000. The philosophy for massage chair costs is the same as almost any product: quality over affordability. A cheaper massage chair — say, under $4,000 — will likely end up costing you much more in the long run when you inevitably need to purchase a new one. Aside from the cost, you’re also trusting your body with your massage chair, so it’s essential to choose one you feel comfortable in and that will provide you with the most authentic (and safest) massage experience.

In this guide to massage chair prices in Australia for 2023, the massage experts at Relax For Life will help you get one step closer to purchasing the ideal massage chair.


What is the Average Massage Chair Price in Australia?

On average, a full-body massage chair — with all the best modern bells and whistles — will set you back around $8,000 – $10,000 AUD. Like any other purchase, you will need to pay more for extra inclusions, features or superior design finishes.

But that figure isn’t a cut-and-dry rule; massage chair prices in Australia depend on several important cost drivers, as well as your personal needs and preferences. By compromising on certain elements of the massage chair experience, you could very well save a couple thousand here and there!


Massage Chair Cost Drivers

When you’re browsing for massage chairs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the numbers and features and to wonder why exactly they cost the amount they do. We’ll make it easy for you; these are the top cost drivers for massage chair prices in Australia:

The Brand and Country of Manufacture

Renowned brands carry higher prices than low-reputation manufacturers. For example, a quality Japanese-made massage chair from a reputable global brand is of higher value than a Chinese-made massage chair with no global brand reputation. However, this isn’t always reflected in a seller’s price tag; there are unfortunately often marketing ploys that hike prices on inferior products to confuse buyers by artificially inflating & then ‘discounting’ prices to make it appear like a good deal. We recommend always researching the brand online to identify these inferior products. Reputable brands pricing will be able to be compared online with ease (ie. by converting international advertised price to AUD on the exact same model). If you are unable to find the exact same brand/model name on an international website, chances are you are going to end up with an inferior no-name label at an artificially inflated price. Remember chairs that may look the same, are not the same if they do not have the brand name and model name.

Just like any industry, the most reputable worldwide brands have many years of Research & Development, history and gathered reputations globally, and are world-renowned for their excellence and obviously far superior performance and quality. This will be reflected in their massage chair price.

Quality of the Massage Chair & Reputation

It’s not always easy to identify a cheap massage chair. Cheaper materials may be visibly obvious on the outside — but not always on the inside! This is another reason why purchasing from a reputable brand known for using high quality materials is the best practice.

Cheaper massage chairs cost less to produce because they are made from cheaper components — and this comes with higher failure rates and shorter lifespans. The research and development that goes into high quality massage chairs ensures the massage movements are more refined and beneficial to your body — which is, after all, why you are purchasing a massage chair in the first place. Therefore, you want to always ensure you get performance, quality, and service with any massage chair you purchase.

The Massage Chair Company

Evaluate the type of company you are considering purchasing from to consider whether their massage chair costs are worth your money. An established luxury massage chair showroom designed for the long-haul is certainly a more trustworthy source than a warehouse sale or a stall in a shopping centre. It’s important to consider your options — but to even view your options, you’ll need to find a massage chair store with a large variety of massage chairs from renowned brands suiting different needs, preferences, and budgets. Many companies only offer a small choice of chairs and only sell from their own individual label (not recognised brands). As we’ve said, the massage chair brand is crucial.

Massage Chair Value

When purchasing a massage chair, it can be hard to calculate how much value it has. The massage chair price is certainly one aspect, but it should never be the only one or the highest priority. When forming your own value proposition for your new massage chair, consider the following:

  • Your personal preferences
  • The feel of the massage
  • Features & functions available in the chair
  • Choreography of the massage and refinement of movements
  • Health benefits
  • Brand, company, and reputation

Country of manufacture

  • Quality
  • Longevity and warranty
  • Appearance
  • Showroom environment & demonstrations
  • After-sales service & reputation



Cost Savings from Buying a Massage Chair

Beyond the obvious value of being able to have a luxury massage whenever you please, there are additional cost savings that make your purchase worth it, such as:

  • Potential savings on medical treatments such as physios, chiros, specialists, surgeries, etc.
  • Savings from no longer having to pay for massages & the time/driving costs associated with this
  • Reduced medication costs with improved health (eg. pain medications, etc)
  • Less costs associated with not being able to work on days where your pain or stress levels are too high
  • Improved sleep leading to higher productivity resulting in potentially more earnings

Having a massage chair ready in your living room whenever you need it is an improvement that you won’t know how you ever lived without — and can save you valuable money through any of the above methods, improving your mental and physical health as well as saving your time and energy.


Find Your Quality Massage Chair Today

Good quality massage chairs may not be cheap — but buying a good model now will save you money and time in the long run. Massage chair prices in Australia vary wildly depending on which brand and company you buy from, but we can assure you that any chair you choose from Relax For Life offers excellent value for money when compared to other stockists and retailers. We don’t endorse cheap or low quality chairs, nor do we offer our own Relax For Life label (or ‘home brand’) chair. Instead, we offer quality massage chairs from the leading global brands, for all types of people, massage styles, and budgets.

If you’re looking to invest in your health & well-being and desire quality and longevity in your chosen massage chair with a reputable Australian company, make an appointment at our Sydney (Peakhurst), Melbourne (Richmond) or Gold Coast (Hope Island) luxury showrooms for your VIP demonstration — where we showcase over 10 different massage chairs for you to try, from the world’s best massage chair brands including Fujiiryoki, OHCO, DCore, Inada, Positive Posture & Synca Wellness. Relax For Life also features Australia’s ONLY Japanese-made massage chairs and is proud to be the longest-standing massage chair specialist in Australia, with thousands of happy customers. We are your one-stop shop to find your perfect massage chair – with transparent & value for money pricing.

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