OSIM Massage Chairs vs Relax for Life: Comparing Your Options

OSIM Massage Chairs vs Relax for Life: Comparing Your Options

Choosing the right massage chair for you is no small feat, especially with a market saturated with options. Here at Relax for Life, we have something that sets us apart from all the others: luxe, medically-backed massage chairs manufactured by globally renowned brands. We are also proud to stock Australia’s ONLY Japanese-made massage chairs.

If you’re looking for a massage chair in Australia, you’re likely going to compare stockists and retailers. Take OSIM Massage, for example, a well-known massage chair stockist. So, when comparing OSIM vs Relax for Life, who comes out on top?



Relax for Life

OSIM Massage Chairs

Business Model

100% Australian-owned  & operated with luxury showrooms throughout Australia. We offer the top global brands that all boast excellent worldwide reputations, and we’re proud to stock the largest range of any retailer in the country. We have Australia’s only Japanese-made massage Chairs, and we’re proud to include the original massage chair manufacturer, Fujiiryoki, since 1954, in our quality line-up.


Singaporean company that has stores located throughout Australia in high-traffic shopping malls. Sells Chinese-made massage chairs and other household items.

Google Rating



Most Affordable Massage Chair

Positive Posture Sōl Massage Chair (RRP $2,499)


UDeluxe Max massage chair (RRP $4,881)


Price Range

$2,499 - $18,888

$4,881 - $15,980

Authentic Japanese Massage Chair


Range of International Brands?



Brands well-known outside of Australia

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Heated Massage Rollers

Adjustable Shoulder Airbag Massage

Arm & Hand Airbag Massage

Massage Chairs with side opening doors for ease of egress/ingress


Leg & Foot Massage

Sole Massage

Calf rollers

Multi-Lingual Remote Control

3D Surround Sound Speakers & Bluetooth

Extendable Calf Rest (Electric)


Shoulder Grasp

Interest-Free Payment Plans

Warranty Options Japanese-Made Massage Chairs

Comprehensive 5-year in-home warranty, industry-leading warranty        


Warranty Options Other Chairs

Full comprehensive 3-year in-home warranty with extended 5-year warranty option for $250 per year if you choose to extend.


1-Year warranty offered,  and a one-time complimentary leather pad replacement if not caused by human damage. Must be completed at an OSIM depot in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. $399 per year if you decide to extend.



White Glove delivery installation and assembly included. Rubbish removal is also included within a 100km radius of most state capitals           


Free metro shipping to all capital cities in Australia

Delivery with stairs


Not included

Number of global massage chair brands




Where are OSIM Massage Chairs Manufactured?

OSIM massage chairs are manufactured in China. They are marketed as a Singaporean  company, but their chairs are manufactured in China.

Do OSIM Stock Japanese Massage Chairs?

No - OSIM do not stock Japanese made massage chairs. Universally known as the highest grade massage chairs, Japanese made massage chairs can only be found at Relax for Life.

What is the Lifespan of OSIM Massage Chairs vs Relax for Life?

Lifespan is tricky as it really comes down to how well you take care of your massage chair and the materials used in manufacturing! However, Relax for Life relies on best brands, technology, and best massage chairs in general, that will last up to 20 years with the right care. Our Japanese brand massage chairs from OHCO & Fujiiryoki are offered with 5 year comprehensive in-home warranty.  Actually, Fujiiryoki chairs from 20 years ago are recently being traded in for the newest models (as customers just want the latest technology or a “change”)  and when our team collect, these 20+ year old chairs are still looking as if they were brand new & operating as such too!  As you would expect from a company that’s been doing it since 1954!! 

Experience Luxury with Relax for Life

At Relax for Life, we provide a true VIP luxury massage experience at our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. Visit us to try out our best-selling models, and you’ll see why we are the best at what we do.   

Unlike OSIM, we do not only offer the one ‘own’ brand but rather, multiple top global massage chairs brands to offer customers CHOICE and flexibility which blow other own-label and home-label massage chairs out of the water. With premium massage technology, you will be opting for a high-quality massage with any brand you select from Relax For Life.

Get your massage chair from Relax for Life and enjoy decades of professional, rejuvenating massages at home. When buying chairs from us, you’ll be purchasing a lifelong investment in your health & relaxation, designed to last.

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