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Sleep Hygiene - How to get a good night sleep

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Hi , and welcome to this next edition of the Relax For Life Wellness Channel.

Here I am today, in Relax For Life, talking to you about ‘sleep hygiene’.

I am going to give you my four top tips for the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Number one is; sleep on your side or back. If your sleeping on your tummy, and no matter how your sleeping on your tummy, you are going to do damage to your neck and you are going to wake up with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and everything in between.

Tip number two; use a supportive pillow. I just so happen to bring one of my own here, and, I do recommend a contour pillows, because this little contour here is going to be a beautiful cradle for your head, you can have a little neck or you can have a big neck resting on that pillow.

The idea with a contour pillow like that is to make sure your neck and your head is kept in a neutral position. That means, you are not sleeping like this, you are not sleeping like this and you are not sleeping like that, but you are supported in neutral.

So the joints to our spine can rest overnight and we are not over doing the muscle tension, you are waking up relaxed and ready for another day.

Tip number three; turn off all your devices one hour before bed time, that means your iPad, that means your phone, that means your television. You can read a book that will help you to fall asleep, but any of those bright light things are going to mess up your melatonin and sleep cycles. So turn off those devices one hour before bedtime.

Number four; If you can, get to sleep before 10.00 PM at night. Research has shown that between ten and twelve PM at night we have more than seventy percent of our restful sleep. So If you’re getting into bed at eleven o’clock and sleeping for ten hours, you are still, not going to get enough restful sleep. Get to bed before ten if you can and sleep six to eight hours a night.

They’re my four top tips for better sleep.

If you’ve got any neck pain, back pain, headaches or anything in between, make sure you go to your local chiropractor or physiotherapist, get a sleep assessment, and, if you need any help with these things, consider getting a massage, get a massage chair like one of these guys, and you’ll have a much better, more restful sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s edition.

I’m Dr. Daniel Irvine and that’s it for today.

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