Relaxing holiday VS Relaxing Massage Chair

I was recently scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled across an offer for a 7-day relaxation holiday package at a NSW winery destination. The offer was for 7 nights from $3800 per person (ie. $7600 for a couple). I couldn’t help but think, “wow, that makes those $5000-$9000 luxury massage chairs look very economical and affordable!” And then I pondered, “I wonder if anyone has actually given that thought some real consideration?” So, I decided it may be a good idea to look at the value proposition in a holiday / short-break to relax, revive, rejuvenate in comparison to the value proposition in a luxury massage chair for the same purposes and here are my opinions & thought processes on the matter…….

Holiday Vs Massage Chair

  1. Obviously, there are variable options when it comes to both holidays as well as massage chairs. The choice as to whether to go with a less-expensive (1-3 star) holiday VS a more costly (but indulgent) 5 star option is similar to the choice as to whether to go with an in-expensive massage chair vs a high quality/luxury massage chair. It all depends on your personal preference, financial situation & what you really want to get out of it! However, we acknowledge that the different price-points (ie. 1-3 star vs 5 star holiday & cheap chair vs high quality/luxury massage chair) give us totally different experiences, feelings & outcomes!
  2. A recent study by TripAdvisor has revealed that Australians are set to spend more money on travel in the coming year than any other nationality in the world with an average spend of $15,000 on travel each year*! Again, that makes a luxury massage chair for your everyday use over many years look so much more affordable & a much better value proposition than just 1 year’s worth of holiday expenditure!
  3. I don’t know about you, but any time I go on a holiday, it is so much more stress in the couple of weeks leading up to the holiday (finishing all my work, getting everything organized, booking house-sitters/baby-sitters/pet-sitters, packing, etc!) and then after return from my holiday, so much more stress again (un-packing, back-log of washing, getting back up to date with my work, etc.). So whilst the days/weeks I was away may have been lovely and relaxing, I honestly think the build-up and follow-up before and after the holiday somewhat (if not totally!) negate that feeling of pleasure and relaxation whilst on holiday’s. Maybe I am unique in these thoughts!?
  4. On the other hand, a massage chair I can sink into in the comfort & convenience of my own home whenever I want (even when I can’t sleep!) without any prior planning, with no effort, no stress, nothing to organize, taking up very little of my time and as often as I want (multiple sessions throughout every single day if I choose!). All of this allows me to have the CONTINUAL & CONSISTENT feeling of pleasure and relaxation as well as therapeutic benefits to a sore &/or stressed body!
  5. The initial cost of a holiday is only the beginning, don’t forget to add on your food, drinks, entertainment, transport, tours/experiences, souvenirs, etc. which end up costing more than the holiday itself in many cases! On the other hand, a massage chair is the one upfront cost only and then you’ve got it to use EVERYDAY!
  6. Did you know that studies show that holiday makers are anywhere from 20% to 113% more likely to get sick whilst travelling**? When you think about this, it makes perfect sense as whether you are travelling by plane (with all the airport/plane germs and air-conditioning systems) or by sea (with sea sickness or the high outbreaks of norovirus) or car/camper-van (stopping at all those dirty service stations for toilet breaks & food/drinks) along with accommodation potentially containing germs or bed-bugs, etc., you are obviously much more likely to pick-up something you really didn’t want or need when holidaying! And that’s not even touching on the insect-borne diseases, water drinkability or food standards in the places you are travelling to! Again, all problems/concerns that we need not be worried about with your personal massage chair in your very own bedroom, loungeroom or office!
  7. Finally, there are the holiday accidents/injuries – this aspect is very close to my own heart after I broke my ankle on my most recent holiday! quotes: In a recent study carried out by the Post Office Travel Insurance an estimated 4.4 million people sustained injuries on trips abroad in the past three years – from painful sunburn and sunstroke, to food poisoning and cuts, grazes and fractured bones.
    And whilst this was enough to leave many wishing they had stayed at home, the pain for some wasn’t only physical with this staggering statistic amounting to more than £1 billion in costs for treatment, access to medication and damage or loss of equipment, and the unexpected costs leaving many relying on credit cards or savings to foot the bill.

Now obviously no-one is saying you shouldn’t have a holiday, however, when talking about value for money or ROI, a high-quality luxury massage chair wins hands-down! So whilst we can’t really put a $ value on our health & wellbeing or the health & wellbeing of our family members, if you are looking to invest in yourself, relaxation, stress-relief, recovery, rejuvenation, revitalization, therapeutic benefits, pain relief, comfort, luxury or simply some “me time”, look no further than a massage chair which you can enjoy all the time & anytime…..Relax For Life!

If you have ever thought of buying a massage chair but thought “it’s too expensive” or “it’s too much of a luxury”, perhaps now you realize it’s actually not at all & when you put it into context, if you put off just 1 holiday, the value proposition and benefits of that massage chair (to you and your family) for everyday use, could far out-weigh the value proposition and benefits of that holiday!

**Dr. Constantine George, EPITOMEDICAL Chief Medical Officer and founder of the doctors on demand app, Vēdius

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