Relax for Life vs Masseuse Massage - Compare Massage Chairs

Relax for Life vs Masseuse Massage - Compare Massage Chairs

Masseuse Massage, Harvey Norman, Kogan, Bunnings, Amazon… the list of Australian retailers selling massage chairs goes on. But what Relax for Life has to offer is something unique to our business: authentic, medically-backed massage chairs manufactured by globally renowned brands - and Australia’s only Japanese-made massage chairs. 

Let us show you what sets us apart from these massage chair sellers. Take Masseuse Massage, for example, who sell off-the-shelf, own-label massage chairs. In the table below, you’ll see the difference in quality, purchase experience, and reputation for yourself.


Relax for Life

Masseuse Massage Chairs

Business Model 100% Australian owned & operated with luxury showrooms throughout Australia, offering the Top global brands with worldwide reputation and the largest range of any massage chair retailer featuring Australia's ONLY Japanese Made Massage Chairs from #1 brands including the original massage chair manufacturer, Fujiiryoki, since 1954. Melbourne-based business that wholesales to retailers and sells only their own off the shelf label from Chinese factory with no global presence or reputation.
Google Rating 5 4.9
Most Affordable Massage Chair Positive Posture Sōl Massage Chair (RRP $2,499) Coin Operated Massage Chair (RRP $4,995)
Price Range $2,499 - $18,888 $5,000 - $22,000
Authentic Japanese Massage Chairs 𐄂
Range of International Brands? 𐄂
Brands well known outside of Australia 𐄂
Smart Massage Technology 5D AI+ Technology 4D Intelligent Technology
Rail Technology SL-Track (MaxTrack™) SL-Track Technology
Zero Gravity Massage Chairs
Zero Space / Wall Hugging Massage Chairs
Heated Massage Rollers
Adjustable Shoulder Airbag Massage
Arm & Hand Airbag Massage
Roller Massage for Arm & Hands 𐄂
Massage Chairs with side opening doors for ease of egress/ingress 𐄂
Leg & Foot Massage
Sole Massage
Calf rollers 𐄂
Multi-Lingual Remote Control 𐄂
3D Surround Sound Speakers & Bluetooth 𐄂
Extendable Calf Rest (Electric) 𐄂
Shoulder Grasp 𐄂
Interest Free Payment Plans 𐄂
Warranty Options Japanese Made Massage Chairs Comprehensive 5 year in-home warranty, industry leading warranty 0
Warranty Options Other Chairs Comprehensive 3 year in-home warranty with full extended 5 year warranty option for $500 Limited 3 year warranty and 5 year extended limited warranty for $495.
Delivery White Glove delivery, installation & assembly, rubbish removal within a 100km Radius of most state capitals 3rd party delivery
Delivery with stairs Included Additional charges apply, quoted per number of stairs
Number of global massage chair brands 5 0 (own label, not brand)
In-House service department & technicians 𐄂
In-House delivery/assembly team professionals 𐄂
Artificially inflated prices without a comparable basis for pricing 𐄂

Choose Relax for Life and Experience the Difference

Still need convincing? At Relax for Life, we provide a true VIP luxury massage experience at our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. Visit us for a quick test run with our best-selling models, and you’ll be able to tell the difference between us and the other well-known retailers immediately. 

You’ll have probably tried out own-label and home-label massage chairs before, but the global massage chairs available from Relax for Life are a completely different world of massage technology and innovation. 

At Relax for Life, it’s not just a quick purchase and a few years of use. When you choose us and our chairs, you’ll receive a lifelong investment that offers luxurious comfort and wellness. Get your massage chair from Relax for Life and enjoy decades of professional, rejuvenating massages at home.

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