5 Reasons to Try Before You Buy Massage Chairs

5 Reasons to Try Before You Buy Massage Chairs

With online shopping making it easier than ever to buy almost anything on the market, you might be considering purchasing a massage chair online because they look/sound enticing.  Don’t get us wrong - under the right retailer and when purchasing from internationally recognised brands, you’ve got a lot of reassurance that you’re going to be getting a high quality massage chair, even if you don’t get a chance to try it out first. However, if they don’t offer any showrooms within Australia for you to try, this is a red flag.  If you can make it to a showroom or display store, we strongly recommend you try it out to feel for yourself.

After all, a massage chair is a significant investment & anything can be made to look good or sound good online or on TV but if these sellers don’t offer showrooms for you to try, there is probably a very good reason they don’t want you to try!  Before you choose which massage chair to purchase, it’s very important to try before you buy. Here’s why:

Why Is It Important to Try a Massage Chair Before Purchasing?

1. You’ll Get to Experience a Massage for Yourself

Deciding on which massage chair you like best comes down to personal preference. There’s no better way to find out what your own preferences are than to simply sit down in different massage chairs to experience what they offer for yourself. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to decide your ideal type of massage chair and corresponding features.

2. You Can Compare Options with Different Models and Products

The features of massage chairs vary more than you’d think - especially when comparing different models and brands. For example, multiple massage chair models claim to offer the same type of Shiatsu massage technique, yet in reality, the way they are implemented and applied can feel very different. 

This isn’t to say that you shouldn't rely on massage chair descriptions — it’s more about understanding how they are presented. When you try a massage chair for yourself, you can get a clearer understanding of how it compares with the other models you’ve tried.  Often the level of refinement, feeling of movements, choreography and precision of massaging the correct spots can be significantly different in the varying quality of massage chairs available on the market and you need to feel this for yourself!  

3. It’s a Significant Investment

Let’s be honest, a quality massage chair can cost a fair bit upfront for long-term benefits. If you’re prepared to pay a good amount for your massage chair, shouldn’t you take it for a test drive to really get a feel for it?  You need to ensure it’s the right size for your body shape, the strength that you personally prefer, the right type of massage for you, etc.

The last thing you want is to make a purchase that you aren’t completely satisfied with. With that in mind, trying out a massage chair before buying it is certainly worthwhile.  The best place to do this is in massage chair showrooms where you can have personal & private demonstrations guided by experienced consultants.  Beware of those middle of the shopping center sellers (who can often be fly by nighters) and also those who offer money back guarantee trials at home (who often make it almost impossible or very costly to return).

4. You Can Check Out the Technology & Materials

It’s kind of difficult to express the full value of massage chair technology, especially if it has a proprietary title like “Brand New 5DAI+ technology”. Instead of reading about what the technology can do, wouldn’t it make more sense to just experience it firsthand? 

That way, you won’t just know what a specific feature does, you’ll be able to feel the real effects it can have on your body.   Afterall, you can’t “read” a feeling or sensation!

Being able to see, touch and feel the materials of the massage chairs is also a very important reason to visit a massage chair showroom for yourself.  Again, it is very easy to see/feel the level of quality in a massage chair in real life as opposed to on-line/on TV where more often than not, the quality of materials are far inferior, which is often why they are not inviting you to a bricks & mortar store to see/feel.

5. Get an Idea of Size for Your New Massage Chair

Premium-level massage chairs that are designed with comfort as the priority are obviously large items of furniture, meaning that you’ll need to have a space for them at home.  Most common locations for customers to enjoy their massage chair is in their lounge room, bedroom, media room or office. 

Seeing your ideal massage chair in person at a showroom can give you a good idea of the space it will take up in your home. Most massage chairs have reclining capabilities, extending the area needed for them to work correctly, however, some even have “wall hugging” designs meaning less room is needed then ever before. 

What To Look Out For When Buying a Massage Chair

When visiting a massage chair showroom, consider the following:

The Brand

Make sure the massage chair is manufactured by an internationally recognised brand. This is not only a guarantee of their quality and design but also ensures you are paying for top technology, quality materials and features that are going to last.

A reputable retailer will stock multiple globally acclaimed brands with years of history & reputation such as: 

  • Fujiiryoki
  • OHCO
  • Synca Wellness
  • Positive Posture

The Model

You should have already done some research before visiting a showroom to look for the specific massage chair models that you’ve narrowed down your selection to. 

You can also call ahead before visiting the retailers showroom to ask if they have the specific model of massage chair you want to try.  A reputable retailer should have all models they have advertised available for you to try. 

Warranty & Support

Ask about warranty and post-purchase support services. Luxury massage chairs will usually come with a period of warranty as a guarantee of their make quality that covers any faults or defects.   

A good retailer to buy from will also offer after-sales service support to help you with any other issues you may encounter with using your massage chair.  Beware of non-globally recognised brands who offer periods of warranty that are greater than others - it may sound fantastic, but will they still be around when you need to exercise that warranty claim?   


The best massage chairs available on the market have the latest technology — you don’t have to be an expert by any means, but it will be useful to be aware of the different types of technology offered by massage chairs to notice the differences in what they provide.  It is common industry knowledge that Japanese brands certainly have the best technology.  This is why you will often hear claims such as “Japanese design”, “Japanese technology”, or even Japanese names, but “Made In Japan” is the one that matters most when it comes to best technology & best quality.  

Where Can I Try a Massage Chair?

Massage chair showrooms aren’t too hard to find in Australia but it’s important to find a good one in a proper & private setting. At Relax for Life, we have three major luxury showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and on the Gold Coast where you can visit  to try out our premium massage chairs personally. 

Feel free to browse our online store to find out more about our collection of the best massage chairs in Australia and come by for a no-time limit private trial session at one of our showrooms!
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