Buying a Cheap Massage Chair? Read This First

Buying a Cheap Massage Chair? Read This First

It’s no secret that massage chairs are an investment - after all, you’re essentially cutting out the middle man between you and the massage therapy clinic, and purchasing 24/7 access to high quality, therapeutic massages. However, massage chairs can vary quite a bit in costs.

For example, we’ve all seen those massage chairs being sold in the middle of a shopping centre that claim all the benefits of the best brands, but “discounted” to rock-bottom prices. That cheap massage chair with the charming sales-person may be a tempting purchase, however, will often end up leaving you with a massage chair riddled with problems. 

Don’t get us wrong - we love a bargain as much as the next person! And we relish being able to provide sales for our clients who still want to invest in the best technology, without breaking the budget. However, the purpose of this article is to explain the significant differences between a cheap massage chair and a massage chair from a reputable, internationally-recognised brand. 

So, before you pull the trigger, take a moment to hear us out on the potential downsides and costly consequences that can come with buying a cheap massage chair (or any priced massage chair from those middle of the shopping center sellers!). 

What exactly is a “cheap” massage chair?

A “cheap” massage chair is one that is made cheap to be able to sell cheap - with low quality materials, little to no quality control and no research/development into massage movements & options, while sporting a relatively low quality build. They also frequently lack comfort & technology that are usually found in massage chair models from leading global brands.  Most importantly, they don’t feel as refined or precise or smooth and are often hitting the wrong spots during the massage.   Some telltale signs that a massage chair is of “cheap quality” include:

  • The use of cheap materials
  • Poor construction
  • Un-recognised / own-label name with little history/reputation to research
  • Non smooth massage
  • Noisy operations
  • Limited warranty
  • Not feeling ‘right’

Common problems with cheap massage chairs

As the old adage goes - you do get what you pay for.

Setting aside low quality materials and build, cheap massage chairs often come with a host of problems that surface after the first few months of use, like:

  • Not performing as intended

  • As with any product, buyers want to enjoy the features that first attracted them in the first place. However, cheap massage chairs often don’t live up to expectations, offering lackluster performance and features.

    Shoddy workmanship and poorly thought out design is usually to blame for lack of performance & those sales promises of “scanning” technology are soon found out to be inaccurate upon using for the first time at home.

  • Not effective in treating muscle and pain relief
  • The most basic purpose of a massage chair is to provide effective relief from muscle pain and tension. Sadly, cheap massage chairs will fail here too - common complaints include motors and rollers that don’t target the right spots across your body, or rollers that are too weak to properly massage the body.   

  • Cheap massage chairs fall apart
  • No product is built to last forever, especially when it comes to massage chairs that contain complex moving parts. However, cheap massage chairs will tend to fall apart much faster than quality counterparts, mainly due to the use to cheaper, less durable materials, and a lack of design expertise along with lack of quality control in unknown factories. As critical parts of the massage chair come apart, it can stop functioning all together or become unusable for certain operations. 

    To add to the problem, if you’ve purchased a cheap massage chair, you generally can not contact the seller when it comes to needing repair services as they’ve either closed down or changed names to ‘hide’ from their customers, rendering your massage chair  useless after just a few short months.

  • You don’t end up using them
  • Buying a massage chair should be an investment that pays dividends over time for your comfort and wellness. With all the problems mentioned above, chances are that you’ll end up not using the cheap massage chair at all, making it a huge waste of money and space. 

    Premium massage chairs – what you’re really paying for

    The solution to these problems is clear — purchase a massage chair from a globally recognized BRAND, a manufacturer that you can trust. Leading global brands are renowned for a reason, they offer an assurance of quality and performance that ensures that your purchase is well worth what you’ve spent. A globally recognised brand should be able to be found all over the world, not just on the sellers own website (as it is their own name, not a global brand).  Such brands have a rich history and reputation for offering quality massage chairs, offering you complete peace of mind in your purchase.  

    It is worth noting that there are actually only 3 sellers of Globally recognized massage chair brands in Australia:

    OSIM: mostly suited to smaller body types & made in China;

    OGAWA: also made in China;

    RELAX FOR LIFE: leading massage chair specialists for the the top brands including:

    - FUJIIRYOKI (Made In Japan & creators of the World’s 1st massage chair in 1954 with rich history spanning 70 years & Japanese Ministry of Health Medical certification)

    - OHCO (Made in Japan & designed by Ferrari Enzo’s Ken Okuyama with world’s only side opening doors)

    - POSITIVE POSTURE (Designed & Engineered in the USA and sold in many countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Vietnam, Australia & more)

    - SYNCA WELLNESS (Japanese design & engineered - sister company of Fujiiryoki & represented globally!)  

    Granted, premium massage chairs sometimes (not always!) have a higher upfront cost, but you’re really paying for a quality product that offers you the value that you’re looking for & something that will benefit you for many years to come, whether it’s effective pain relief, a way to de-stress, better blood circulation, and much more.  

    Here’s what you can expect with a premium massage chair from globally recognised brands with researchable history & reputations of quality:

    • A consistently superior massage experience
    • Enhanced reliability and availability of parts and repairs
    • More savings in the long run with many years of benefit & use
    • Improved long-term health and wellness benefits
    • A longer massage chair lifespan with quality parts and materials
    • Better customer service and after-sales reliability
    • More refined & precise massage with accurate scanning technology and attention to detail.

    At Relax For Life, we offer the largest collection of the world’s leading massage chair brands and models, made with the highest quality craftsmanship and warranty periods for peace of mind.  We only sell brands that are recognized and sold world-wide and that have a rich history of quality and longevity.  Instead of buying a “cheap” massage chair, we invite you to come down to our massage chair showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and on the Gold Coast to feel the differences for yourself! 

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