Australian Made Massage Chairs: What Are My Options?

Australian Made Massage Chairs: What Are My Options?

Looking for a high-quality Australian-made massage chair that meets your preferences? Here’s what to expect. 

Buying Australian-made products is a great way to enjoy locally produced products with high-quality materials while supporting local businesses — and it would be safe to assume that this is the case with massage chairs made in Australia. But despite some massage chair sellers claiming they sell Australian-made massage chairs, this is simply not true!

As leading experts in the luxury massage chair market in Australia for over 20 years, we’re here to outline what it means for massage chairs to be made in Australia, whether it’s possible to purchase locally-made products, and which country is known for producing the best massage chairs in the world. 

Table of Contents

  • Are there any massage chairs made in Australia?
  • What is the best massage chair in Australia?
  • Which country makes the best massage chairs?

Are There Any Massage Chairs Made in Australia?

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’re looking for ‘Australian-made massage chairs’. As you may have seen, there are other companies claiming to offer Australian-made massage chairs. And while this may be very appealing, the truth is, there are NO massage chairs manufactured locally in Australia - unfortunately! 

As tempting as it may be to purchase a chair from a company claiming to offer ‘Australian-made massage chairs’, we’d recommend that you don’t, not because they are direct competitors of ours, but because they are not what they claim to be and are dishonest. If you are buying from someone based on what they are telling you, please do make sure they can show you proof (as when it comes to being Australian-made, they will NOT be able to as there are no Australian Made Massage chairs!)

The truth is that unfortunately there aren’t any Australian-made massage chairs — most that claim to be are often mass-produced factory chairs that are imported cheaply from China, and given a label from the local Australian seller to “make them their own”.  Unfortunately, the problem with this is that the local seller has little to no control over the product and as is often the case with mass-produced factory products, they are made as cheaply as possible and quality control is often lacking. 

What is the Best Massage Chair in Australia?

So, what are your options for a high-quality luxury massage chair in Australia? Your best bet is to look at trusted brands that have been around for a long time and are represented all over the world. Yes, these brands would have been imported from overseas as well, but the difference is you are now buying a reputable global brand and know what you are getting with the global history and strong reputation of such brands. 

As an example, here’s our most popular luxury massage chair model: the OHCO M8. Unmatched in reputation in the massage chair industry, the OHCO M8 is Made In Japan (leaders in the massage chair industry) & features a state-of-the-art design by prize-winning industrial Japanese designer, Ken Okuyama (who was responsible for the design of Ferrari Enzo and bullet train projects), and is filled with  convenience, therapeutic features and the highest of quality with their Japanese workmanship.  The massage choreography is the masterpiece of Shiatsu Master Sensei Okabayashi for a human-style massage. If you’re looking for the best massage chair in Australia, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better or more unique than the OHCO M8. 

Here’s what makes the OHCO M8 stand out as the best massage chair in Australia:

  • Ergonomic Zero-G seating with lay flat option and an Inversion position that offer therapeutic benefits, aiding in relaxation and muscle relief.
  • Side Opening doors for ease of entry and exit from the massage chair.
  • Heated massage rollers that cover the entire body, providing soothing warmth for a comforting experience.
  • 14 pre-programmed massage options tailored to suit different preferences and needs.
  • Powerful therapeutic benefits from soft to deep tissue massages, targeting muscle tension and stress.
  • Targeted head and neck massages, as well as calf and foot massages, to alleviate tension and enhance relaxation.
  • Opulent & luxurious design and materials including bluetooth music, chromotherapy lighting, aromatherapy and air ionizer.

Which Country Makes the Best Massage Chairs?

Trying to determine which country makes the best of anything is usually a subjective matter, but when it comes to massage chairs, any reliable specialist will tell you that Japan sits on top of the list and has done so for decades. 

Japan stands out for its innovation and technological advancements in massage chairs and is host to globally acclaimed brands such as Fujiiryoki, OHCO, Inada and DCore which are famous for their meticulous craftsmanship, durable build, and cutting-edge features. More specifically, Japanese-made massage chairs are also made with the goal of delivering precise massage techniques that mimic human touch, creating massage experiences that truly feel authentic and can be customized to your body. 

Final Thoughts

As massage chair enthusiasts ourselves, we want everyone to have the best experience possible when it comes to purchasing and enjoying a luxury massage chair. Relax for Life has been the leading provider of quality massage chairs in Australia for the past 20 years with over 10,000 happy and relaxed customers. We are 100% Australian-owned & operated and we represent the top global brands, including Australia's ONLY Japanese-made massage chairs.  If an Australian-made massage chair ever does come into existence, we will be the first to offer it as we are true Aussies through & through!

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