Collection: Massage Chairs Sunshine Coast

Relax for Life are pleased to offer a wide range of massage chairs available to those on the Sunshine Coast. You can shop the entire range online or visit our showroom on the Gold Coast to try them out for yourself!

A massage after a long day — it can eliminate stress and pain and instead offer pure relaxation and bliss. What if we told you we could offer the residents of the Sunshine Coast just that — from the comfort and privacy of your home, rather than at your local massage parlour? That’s right: Relax For Life offers state-of-the-art massage chairs to the Sunshine Coast, guaranteeing you’ll never experience a massage the same way again. We offer only the most renowned global massage chair brands and models suitable to all needs, preferences, and budgets. Shop the range of massage and recliner chairs in the Sunshine Coast and find your vessel of health and relaxation today.

Massage and Recliner Chairs on the Sunshine Coast

Tested, modified, and improved over the years through research and by inputs from specialist and experts in medical sciences, Relax For Life massage chairs are a standard unto themselves. Manufactured with superior design concepts and materials, our massage chairs offer trouble-free operation for as many as 10,000 sessions from the date of purchase.

  • Here are some of the best health and relaxation benefits that our Sunshine Coast massage chairs can offer you:

    • They can stretch and knead tired, aching muscles with intelligent technological innovations to reproduce the full therapeutic effects and experience of a massage.
    • Our chairs enhance circulation, help with injury recovery, and reduce stress levels.
    • Massage chairs come with pre-set and pre-programmable settings for a truly custom massage experience.
    • You don’t have to book in massage appointments or go out of your way — simply sit in your massage chair and home and relax for as long as you need.
    • Enjoy technological prowess and unrivalled convenience with AI systems, Bluetooth capabilities, and auto-off settings.
  • At Relax For Life, we provide top-of-the-line massage chairs in the Sunshine Coast, all designed and manufactured with accuracy and precision. They can reproduce even the most advanced massage techniques to provide you with comprehensive, affordable, and completely customisable massages from your home.

    If you live in the Sunshine Coast and would like to relax — for life — order your new massage or recliner chair today to experience the wealth of benefits that await you. We invite you for a worthwhile trip down to the Northern end of Gold Coast to try our range of Australia’s best massage chairs in our Luxury Massage Chair Showroom.

Frequently asked questions 

Is there a difference between a massage chair and a recliner chair?

Massage chairs are designed to provide you with thorough massages, relaxing recline positions and many other benefits, while recliner chairs offer simple relaxation positions for comfort. Relax For Life offers both massage chairs and recliner chairs in the Sunshine Coast for you to choose from. Our recliner chairs are designed to offer positive posture and Zero Gravity support. Your recliner chair will soon become your favourite place to relax, while your massage chair is where you’ll go when you’ve got aches and pains that need soothing as well as a place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquillity.


Do you have a massage chair showroom on the Sunshine Coast?

We don’t currently have a showroom available in the Sunshine Coast — but you can visit our Hope Island showroom, which is conveniently located on the Northern end of Gold Coast, which is less than a couple hours’ drive away from the Sunny Coast. We have many Sunshine Coast customers and are able to deliver and assemble our massage chairs in the Sunshine Coast. Visiting our luxury massage chair showroom is well worth the journey. You’ll get the best VIP treatment, privacy, and prestige, as you try out our world-class massage chairs. If you live in the Sunshine Coast and are interested in visiting our Hope Island showroom, book your VIP Showroom Demo now or contact us via phone or email.


How do I take care of my massage chair?

Since many of our massage chairs available in the Sunshine Coast come with easy-clean synthetic leather, all you need to do is use a microfibre cloth to regularly clean your massage chair and remove any dust or debris. For the best care and maintenance results, refer to the specific care instructions you’ll get with your massage chair.


What are your delivery options for the Sunshine Coast?

Relax For Life offers reliable and quick delivery services to our Sunshine Coast shoppers. Not only that, but we also deliver across popular Queensland locations like Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and other regional areas. For any questions about our delivery services for massage chairs in the Sunshine Coast and other cities or areas like Melbourne and Sydney, contact Relax For Life by calling (07) 8307 0878 or emailing


What are the health benefits of massage chairs?

The medical and therapeutic massage chairs available from Relax For Life have been proven by research facilities and university studies to offer significant physical and mental benefits. Here’s what they say about our massage chairs in the Sunshine Coast:

  • They improve circulation and blood flow, which can have a positive domino effect on your overall health.
  • They stimulate soft connective tissues, providing muscle ache and pain relief.
  • They reduce stress levels and improve your mood.

Even better, you can get all of these health benefits from your home in the Sunshine Coast, while listening to your favourite tunes or watching your favourite show.


Why should I invest in Japanese massage chairs?

Relax For Life is proud to offer the only Japanese-made massage chairs in Australia. Japanese chairs are known for having the latest, most advanced technology, and the highest quality materials and programs. If you want the highest quality massage chair made for the modern age massage enthusiast, then look no further than the Japanese-made massage chairs at Relax For Life.