Relaxation for Seniors

Unwind this National Relaxation Day – and every day – with these calming activities.

Taking time to relax is wonderful for your mental and physical health. Relaxation techniques for seniors and all ages have been shown to help a variety of conditions from chronic headaches and nausea to arthritis and more. And since August 15 is National Relaxation Day, what better reason to take time to unwind?

Try one—or all—of these seven relaxation techniques for seniors, not just on the 15th but all year round!

  1. Add yoga to your routine
  2. Enjoy a conversation with a friend
  3. Spend time in the garden
  4. Try meditation and deep breathing
  5. Catch a movie
  6. Book a massage or spa day
  7. Listen to soothing music or audiobook

Below, find more on these relaxation techniques for seniors and the health benefits for each.

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