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Beneath the Alcantara® (ultra-suede) and genuine leather of the M.8 LE is a paradox of art and science: a set of algorithms that melt away the formulaic. What is more compelling? How it looks? Or what it does? Yes. We’ve never done a massage chair quite like this. One of the world’s foremost designers has shaped it; a shiatsu master imbued with a lifetime of learning. And together they’ve fulfilled a singular mission of bringing wholeness to your body with unprecedented luxury and taste.  Like a fine piece of timeless art, the M.8 LE is custom made for the most discerning of customers and not readily available for all.  MADE IN JAPAN.

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You enter easily through the Gentle Entry side door. The Back AutoScan takes a precise diagnostic of your body. The M.8 automatically reclines you to a 160-degree position, fully recumbent, resting you in zero-gravity serenity. The TheraElliptical Calf Kneading gently pulsates around your legs loosening and relaxing, and improving your circulation. Have you felt more at peace, more renewed than you do now? You can’t remember; whatever you brought into the M.8 has melted away in a serene absence of everything but absolute comfort.

About the designer – Ken Okuyuma

His trains eclipse 320kph. He conceived the most exclusive Ferrari ever sold. Yet it is in stillness that Ken finds renewal, winding his watch collection, and finding peace in timeless design. And while the angled elegance of the OHCO evokes movement, what Ken has created is tranquility in the midst of exquisite engineering as he did with his striking interiors of the Shinkansen bullet trains. For Ken, design must be holistic.

Shiatsu Master Sensei Okabayashi

Although he is a renowned shiatsu master, sensei Okabayashi still begins his therapeutic sessions with a single, simple touch. Without clients saying a word, he can discern their emotions. Feel the muscle stiffness. And begin to bring the body back into harmony. It is this intuition that sensei Okabayashi has brought to the symphony of movement in OHCO M-Series. Under his direction, OHCO engineers have created an unsurpassed orchestration of touch that brings your whole person into harmony, frees up the body’s healing power, and rejuvenates both mind and muscle.

The Ethos of Japanese engineering

Created in a place where the utmost standard of excellence is just the starting point. In Japan, a standard of excellence is not a fixed point, but a tireless search for improvement. It’s an exhausting attention to detail. A spirit that never stops striving. And the reason that every OHCO chair has been engineered in Japan. At OHCO, we are continually striving to create the pinnacle in massage chairs, a symphony that brings together the highest aesthetic and engineered.


World Famous Designer: Ken Okuyama (inspired by Okuyama’s automotive roots with luxury vehicles in Porsche, Ferari and Maserati)

World Renowned Shiatsu Master Sensei Okabayashi – unsurpassed orchestration of touch that brings your whole person into harmony, frees up the body’s healing power, and rejuvenates both mind and muscle.

Alcantara® & Genuine Leather (Exclusive to M.8 LE – Limited Edition Only)

Rose Gold Trim (Exclusive to M.8 LE – Limited Edition Only)

Exclusively signed by designer Ken Okuyama including unique number of authenticity (Exclusive to the M.8 LE – Limited Edition Only)

MaxTrackTM -The OHCO is designed on MaxTrack™ our proprietary framework that comprehensively matches the contour of the human body. While still allowing the seat, back, and legs to independently adjust, the MaxTrack design ensures a precise massage throughout every point of contact.

Zero Gravity & Lay Flat Recline – The M.8 can adjust into an infinite number of recline positions including zero gravity and lay-flat.

Knead & Stretch Headrest – The M.8 Headrest offers rollers and air-driven cervical traction. Movements are carefully programmed to melt away neck and shoulder stress & strain, and to provide soothing, gentle neck traction.  Another proprietary feature of the OHCO are these effective rollers in the headrest.

Gentle Entry – Ingress and egress is vital for beginning and completing your massage with a sense of ease and continued relaxation. So OHCO makes sitting and rising easy through Gentle Welcome doors, which open on either side of the chair. Never before seen in any other massage chair. Move in and out of your next imcomparable OHCO session and let the comfort stay with you.

Full Body Air Massage -The chair is equipped with thoughtfully placed air cells that melt away muscle soreness and fatigue.

Bluetooth Audio Immersion – Connect with your smart device to play music, relaxing sound, or take a guided meditation to enhance and deepen your massage experience.

Arms of Embrace Surrounding Arms – Like the hands of masseuse who knows your body intimately, twelve individually controlled air cells embrace each of your arms conducting movements that select from countless of combinations to fit the exact needs of your arms.

TheraElliptical Calf Kneading – By combining compression and rotation in a complex movement, the OHCO creates the perfect emulation of the hands of a massage therapist, enhancing circulation with a powerful yet soothing motion. The gentle pressure of a knuckle. The press of a thumb. And circular pulsing — are these human hands behind you? No, you sit in a rejuvenated solitude. How can this combined movement at key points be so precise, so lifelike, so made for your body?

Total Body Heat – Foot, palm, back and seat heat increases relaxation and comfort. Each heat zone can be independently controlled.

Infrared Rollers Heat – Point specific heat in the rollers to help loosen and relax muscles, and improve blood circulation.

Multi-Language Remote Control – Designed to be simple & intuitive, the easy to read user interface allows you to adjust & monitor your massage.  Multiple language selections are also available.

USB Power Ports & Smartphone pocket – Allowing convenient access to charge your smartphone, tablet or other device whilst you relax.

Wall Hugging – Requires just 10cm between the upright back-rest position and your wall.  Maximum space efficiency.

Air Ionizer – Located in the head rest, the air ion generator clears dust, dander, spores, and other pollutants from the air.

Aromatherapy – Its design draws you in; its touch continually renews. Now bring your olfactory receptors to this a feast for the senses. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the first-to-market aromatherapy slot in the headrest for a completely immersive experience.

Conscious Approach LED Light – The OHCO not only knows your body, it senses your arrival, casting a soft vignette of light around its base, illuminating your path to rejuvenation.




Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 153 × 92 × 125 cm

rossonero, saddle, bordeaux


  • Length: 60” (153 cm)
  • Width: 36” (92 cm)
  • Height: 49” (125 cm)
  • Chair Weight: 364lbs (165kg)
  • Reclining Angle: Approximately 120° to 160° against flat floor
  • Recommended User Weight: 265 lbs (120 kg) (maximum)

BACK STROKE RANGE: 49″ (124cm)


MANUAL OPERATIONS: 9 massage technique variations + calf rollers + kneading neck rollers + foot rollers


  • 220-240 Volts AC / 50-60 Hertz


5 reviews for OHCO M.8 LE (Limited Edition)

  1. Andy Lee

    Absolute luxury. Never seen or felt anything like this before (& I travel all over the world!). Do yourself a favour and get into it! Can’t speak highly enough of the M8 massage chair & also the customer service from Relax For Life – A+++!!!

  2. William

    What can I say. This new M.8 leaves my older one in the dust by a very long way. They really have done a GREAT job. I love this new luxury massage chair.

  3. Jason Brown

    Great experience, very professional.
    Jason Brown

  4. Collin Nguyen

    Very luxury model, fantastic. We’re very happy with it.

  5. John Winning

    The customer service we received from Michael was awesome. Michael is an experienced sales expert who is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions diligently. Michael paired us up with the right massage chair to suit our requirements and we are very happy with our purchase. Overall, Relax for Life has been a great company to deal with. Thank you Michael.

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