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The Inada Duet massage chair is designed with two mechanisms to simultaneously massage the back and legs using a roller mechanism and is still the only massage chair that takes into consideration the differences between the upper and lower body structures. The Inada Duet proprietary dual Harmony massage system accomplishes a complete full body massage with two separate engines and in the comfort of a Zero Gravity recliner. The Inada Duet full body shiatsu massage chair is perfect for those in search of a deep full body muscle and stress releasing massage in the comfort of your own home.

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The Inada Duet Zero gravity Japanese massage chair celebrates many firsts in the industry and commemorates Inada’s 50th year anniversary bringing together Inada’s technological capabilities and engineering excellence along with extensive research and development the Inada Duet was born.

This Inada Duet commemorative model is designed with TWIN ENGINES (two sets of independent roller systems – one for upper body including back/neck/buttocks & the other for lower body including thighs, calves and feet) and is simply incomparable to any other massage chair on the market. The new 8 axis massage mechanism technology allows the upper engine more movement to reach more areas across your neck, back and buttocks to allow even greater relaxation and muscle relief. Feel the tension melt away when you sit back and enjoy the bliss that the Inada Duet will provide.

We sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to have your own therapeutic and revolutionary Inada massage chair experience. Once you do, we are sure that you’ll understand how our massage chairs are superior in every way. Visit any of our luxury showrooms and try the Inada Duet first hand.

  • 8 Axis Intelligent Massage – With 8-axis movement, the Duet is poised to work out stiffness in muscles by moving left and right, up and down, back and forth and push-out motions independent of side. This is perfect for working muscles on just one side of the body.
  • Annular Deep Massage Mechanism – The mechanism holds the muscles tightly while rotating and providing deep massage, mimicking the feel of human hands.
  • Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor – The optical sensor scans the body, locating the optimum shiatsu points of each user, and has 140 cm of massage area to work with. The chair also puts the body into a zero gravity position, promoting even more relaxation and better massage.


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