Pets in the office are helping relieve workplace stress

The sound of a dog barking has been enough to ease tensions in the high pressured environment of the office.

At the Purina Petcare office in Sydney, employees who have their pets in the office say the animals help lower stress levels and any tension.

The Nestle building which houses the Purina office has also set aside time on Wednesdays and Fridays to help workers relax and balance their workloads.

Lal Meyer, the country business manager of Purina Petcare Australia said bringing pets to work is part of the company DNA.

“There are many researched health benefits to owning a pet. We know that pets help reduce stress by helping reduce blood pressure. They help people relax and boost immunity as kids grow up,” he said.

Purina cites research from Virginia Commonwealth University published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management in 2012 which found employees felt less stressed throughout the day when a dog accompanied them to work.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald


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