How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

Massage chair prices can range from $4,000 up to $22,000. Anything less than $4,000 is generally not going to be very good quality nor worthy of trusting your body in & will more than likely end up costing you more in the long run when you need to purchase a new one!

Average Massage Chair Prices in Australia

On average, a full-body massage chair with all the bells and whistles is around $8,000 Australian Dollars. Like any other purchase, you will need to pay more for extra inclusions, features or superior design finishes.

What are the cost drivers for a Massage Chair?

The Brand and Country of Manufacture

A quality Japanese-made massage chair from a reputable global brand is obviously of higher value than a Chinese-made massage chair with no global brand reputation. However, this isn’t always reflected in a seller’s price tag with some Chinese chairs being outrageously priced higher than Japanese chairs! Unfortunately, customers may fall prey to these tricks of inferior chairs being priced at an artificially inflated price tag only to be offered enticing reductions to persuade a sale at just about any price. These marketing ploys with hiked prices on inferior products are unfortunately there to confuse buyers throughout their purchasing journey. However, being aware of such tricks is essential to avoid falling victim and to avoid paying far too much for inferior products.

Whilst it is a challenging task to get through all the clutter and intended confusion that some sellers promote their products with, you do get what you pay for when it comes to massage chairs, just like anything in life. One recommended way to differentiate ‘real’ value vs ‘exaggerated’ value is to research the brand online in other countries to compare selling prices (converted to AUD of course!). Unfortunately, in most cases, the ‘home brand’ or ‘own label’ massage chairs in Australia with absolutely no worldwide presence, such as Masseuse Recliners or Feel Good or In Touch Massage Chairs, just to name a few, will not have any comparable prices for you to be able to fact-check, as they are not sold anywhere other than their own store in Australia. In many cases, their prices are simply made up in an attempt to try to fool consumers into thinking they are on the same level as the high-end reputable worldwide brands of massage chairs when they are simply not comparable.

Just like any industry, the reputable worldwide brands have many years of Research & Development, history and gathered reputations globally, and are world-renowned for their excellence and obviously far superior performance and quality.

Quality of the Massage Chair & Reputation

We then must look at the quality of the chairs – cheaper materials can be visibly obvious on the outside but not always on the inside! This is a further reason that purchasing a reputable brand that is sold in huge quantities all over the world with a proven track record is vital in your purchasing decision.

It goes without saying that you don’t get the same quality in a low-level vehicle as you do in a high-end reputable brand such as Mercedes or Porsche because each vehicle is made with different quality components, with different levels of R&D budgets, different performance levels, very different features/functions, different materials/parts & quality levels as well as very different after-sales experiences, justifying the different price points. Whilst they all have 4 tyres, a steering wheel and get you from A to B, there is obviously a reason that one vehicle can cost 10 times the amount as another, it all depends on how you want to travel from that point A to B! The same theory can be applied in the massage chair industry, cheaper chairs (just like cars) cost less to produce because the components with which they are built are cheaper and that generally equates to lower quality. With cheaper components comes higher failure rates and lower lifespans. But more importantly, the R&D that goes into a reputable brand ensures the massage movements are much more refined and beneficial to your body which is, after all, why you are purchasing a massage chair in the first place so you want to ensure you have the trifecta of performance, quality and service in the massage chair you purchase.

The Massage Chair Company

Evaluate the type of company you are considering purchasing from. Is it a company that sells out of the middle of shopping centres or warehouses or home settings or over the phone/TV that could be gone tomorrow? Or are you purchasing from an established luxury showroom that is clearly set up and designed for the long-haul? Is it a company that uses pressure selling tactics Or are you wanting to purchase from a company that clearly values their customers and goes above & beyond to try to find the best chair for their personal needs and allows you the time needed to consider your purchase without pressure? A company with options and a large variety of massage chairs to suit different consumers with different wants/needs and varying budgets with a wide variety of worldwide reputable brands to offer? Or a company with a small choice of chairs who is only wanting to sell their own individual label (not the brand) with little regard for what the customer actually wants/needs in a massage chair?

Massage Chair Value

So, back to the original question of how much does a massage chair cost? When purchasing a massage chair, the entire Value Proposition must be considered. Price is certainly one aspect but it is dangerous to consider it as the only aspect or even to make it your highest priority. The value equation is made up of:

  • Feel the massage & your personal preferences
  • Features & functions available in the chair
  • Choreography of the massage and refinement of movements
  • Health Benefits
  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Reputation
  • Longevity
  • Appearance
  • Warranty
  • Company
  • Sales experience
  • Showroom environment & demonstrations
  • After-sales service & reputation

Purchase a quality Massage Chair Today

Here at Relax For Life, we are confident that any chair you choose from our selection offers excellent value for money. You’ll notice that we do not endorse any cheap chairs & nor do we offer our own Relax For Life label (or ‘home brand’) chair. We’re very clear that the value equation that matters is a function of all of the above elements, not just a chosen couple!
A low-quality “budget” product may seem like an excellent choice on the day of your purchase but unfortunately, it’s more than likely to come back and haunt you in the long run.

Relax For Life offer massage chairs for all types of massage, all types of people & with all types of budgets. We offer Australia’s largest range of massage chairs altogether for you to be able to compare. The one thing we do not offer are cheap ‘no-name’ chairs at artificially inflated prices with massive mark-downs, so, unfortunately, if you are in the market for something inferior & heavily discounted, we are not the company for you! However, for a quality massage chair offering excellent value for money, we invite you to try our chairs and feel/see the differences for yourself!

If you are looking to invest in your health & well-being and desire quality and longevity in your chosen massage chair with a reputable Australian company, we invite you to make an appointment at our Sydney (Peakhurst), Melbourne (Richmond) or Gold Coast (Hope Island) luxury showrooms for your one on one VIP demonstration, where we showcase over 10 different massage chairs for you to try, from the world’s best massage chair brands including OHCO, DCore, Inada, Positive Posture & Synca Wellness. Relax For Life also feature Australia’s ONLY Japanese-made massage chairs and is proud to be the longest-standing massage chair specialist in Australia with thousands of happy customers!


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